Blue Christmas Tickets

Holiday season is almost here and so are all the festivities related to it. Many renowned musicians and bands treat the fans to Christmas music, some releasing special albums or songs, whereas there are others who are solely dedicated to creating holiday music. During this time of the year annual shows, concerts and musicals take place, popular one among which is the Blue Christmas. It is a professional family, quality, variety concert that takes place every year all through the Christmas season. It features famous songs particularly of the 70s and 80s, also adding some contemporary music to dance on the rhythmic beats. Outstanding, talented performers hailing from Calgary showcase their skills and take part in the concert along with the internationally known guest artists. Blue Christmas tickets are available for purchase as the musical is ready to hit the road and will be touring to US, Europe and even Australia.

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The Blue Christmas concert has become successful in its production for the last five years, with the number of attendees exceeding sixteen hundred. This musical revue has constantly come up with ingenious ideas to provide wonderful entertainment to the audiences, all the while supporting local charity. The 2012 production is expected to be bigger and better! The concert is hosted by Reverend Elvis and his friends. The musical rejoices the true spirit and the real meaning of Christmas. With some spectacular dancing and music, the event has always managed to bring out true holiday spirit and create magical ambiance. The artists to perform in the concert include Rev. Elvis, Bruce Sheasby, a Canadian rock n roll singer who believes that "having faith is fun". He is greatly inspired by Elvis Presley’s gospel music and the ground breaking west side spirit. The artist is known to sing Elvis’s famous songs which include "Jailhouse Rock"; he performed it for the first time when he was only sixteen years old. He also covered the track "Peace in the Valley" at the famous "Crystal Cathedral". He is the executive producer of Blue Christmas and aims to lift up the new talents and performing arts in a way to share the love of God as well as support the community and its causes. This show is going to be Rev. Elvis’ seventeenth yearly Blue Christmas. According to the latest news, he is very excited to host the event with an incredibly talented lineup and has hugely praised the support offered by the community sponsors.
This year Blue Christmas will feature artists like Crystal Plamondon known as "Canada’s Cajun Queen". She is a songwriter, talented actor, bilingual singer, producer and performer having a successful ongoing career, conducting energetic concerts. Her music covers an expressive range from rockin` country, to touching ballads, Cajun and roots. Crystal is a true performer whether she plays alone in concerts or with her music group; she never fails to interact with the crowd. Fans travel long distances just to attend her shows as they love her wit and warmth as well as her connection with the audience. After touring extensively, this year she will be making an appearance in the Blue Christmas concert. So, don’t miss a chance to watch her performing live and get some Blue Christmas tickets at your earliest!
Attend the Blue Christmas concert to witness many other incredible performances. Renowned artists Tony Rino will also be gracing the event, whose passion for music started as a teenager.  He is a fundraiser, recording artist and an entertainer. Next comes Lost & Found; they will be presenting an extensive assortment of music including Blues and Black Soul, Southern and country Gospel and Contemporary Gospel. All these great artists make up a grand show, so get your tickets now and be prepared to be blown away with some amazing performances!

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