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In 1987, Princeton, New Jersey, was fortunate to receive the honors of becoming the host town for a contemporary rock band named Blues Traveler. There are various genres which play their chords with the band. These include southern rock, folk rock and of course blue rock. Their live performances are replete with the chime and tunes of segues as well, which makes them rather unique and very recognizable.

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John Popper is the famous crooner whose vocals lay him as the lead singer of the Blues Traveler band. He also plays the harmonica as he sings. On the keyboard is the multi-talented Ben Wilson who is complemented by his counterpart, Tad Kinchla, on the bass guitar. The lead electric guitarist is the younger and equally talented brother of Tad, Chan Kinchla. Brendan Hill adorns his talents on the drums. Chan’s elder brother, Tad only joined the band when sadly in the last year of the previous century; Bobby Sheehan lost his battle with cancer and passed away, leaving a void for a bass guitar player in the band.
The live performances of the band outshine many other contemporary rock bands and while these remain to be the backbone of their fame with live audiences, the freeway-listener knows them best for their Top 40 hits such as, "Hook" and "But Anyway". Their 1994 album named, "Four" was responsible for shining the star-light on the Blue Traveler band and propelled them into rock fame.
The sad demise of Bobby Sheehan was not the only hiccup in the band’s rise to fame. The continuous struggle with their lead vocalist’s weight issues also saw the band lose much of its pomp and show. In early 2002, A&M dropped the band, yet their resilience to continue proving themselves faired the Blues Traveler band in trying times. They worked on new musical productions and aimed at becoming more independent. Smaller experimental labels were wise to pick them up on their existing fame and thus kept the famous band from losing steam and going down under.
In 2007 and 2008, the Blues Traveler gave back to back albums which were an immense success with its followers and the general public alike. These albums were, "North Hollywood Shootout" and the acoustic album "Cover Yourself". Their success continued once they were picked up by the well established production house named Vanguard. Before Vanguard Records, once A&M had dropped them, Sanctuary Records kept the band’s ship afloat and gave followers the much loved album called, "Truth Be Told". It peaked at 145 on the Top 200 Chart. Once Vanguard picked them up, "Bastardos!" was an instant hit album which they released immediately after their new signing. This album was recognized the one which was responsible for bringing the band back into the music scene. Wilco Jay saw the production of this album materialize and this venture earned them the forty ninth spot on the Independent Album charts. The Howard Stern radio show featured their famous song, "This is Beetle" in the fall of 2005. Their success became a reality owing to their consistence, and to think that at one point, the band was on its way out by the turn of the century.
Since then, the Blues Traveler has never looked back, giving back to back hit singles and many hit albums. They have been featured in numerous shows and private recording sessions which have been featured in leading music channels around the world. Sandra Boynton came out with a beautiful children’s album called Dog Train. The title song for this album is sung by Blues Traveler. Their accolades are from over.
An interesting venture was the 2007 album, "Cover Yourself". This album featured the bands’ best hit singles from over the years. They toured the US in the same year and got raving reviews from fans and critics alike. The Blues Traveler band has carved a niche for itself in the genre of rock music. John Popper has sung duets as well, the most famous one called, "Only the Tequila Talking". This was sung alongside Lisa Bouchelle and was an instant hit with rock-lovers across the country. Their latest venture is an album which is called, "Suzie Cracks the Whip". It is expected to be released in the summer of 2012.
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