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One of the most influential musicians of the century, Bob Dylan is a name that carries respect and utmost status amongst the hearts of billions of people across the globe. The legendary artist has enthralled and inspired generation after generation with his inspirational and impactful music that is beautifully composed into poetic lyrics. Bob Dylan has significantly contributed to the music of the last century and his work has managed to shape the modern day music. Over the course of his vibrant and colorful career that expands over five decades, the masterful artist has charmed the world with his ability to explore and innovate in various genres ranging from folk music to rock and jazz. The artist revamped the music scene throughout the mid-nineties. The multi-award winning artist has received several prestigious awards and accolades throughout his career. His live tours allure masses to event and are one of the most attended performances every year. His tour that began in 1988 has been dubbed as "Never Ending Tour," as the live shows were highly successful and continue to attract millions of fans. Witnessing Dylan perform is a riveting experience and by grabbing Bob Dylan tickets the audience can witness the living legend perform once again in all his glory.

Born in 1941 as Robert Allen Zimmerman, the artist joined the music scene in 1960’s. After performing as a backing instrumentalist during his High School years, Dylan moved to Minneapolis in 1959. He abandoned the University of Minnesota as a freshman and pursued a career in music. Soon he was performing at local coffee shops and nightclubs.  Bob Dylan was exceptionally inspired by "Woody Guthrie" and tried to become his disciple. "John Hammond" discovered Dylan after he played harmonica for folk singer "Carolyn Hester" on his third album. Hammond approached Dylan and signed him with Columbia Records. Dylan’s debut album "Bob Dylan," was released in 1962 that only managed to sell five thousand copies in the first year. However, Dylan continued his inspiring journey and released his second album "The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan." The album brought Dylan into the limelight and peaked at number one position in UK.

The success of the album was continued with the release of his third album "The Times They Are A Changin’," in 1964. The album consisted of political and social messages that attracted rave reviews throughout the music industry. Dylan was involved in many controversies for his stand on politics. Dylan became a popular advocate of civil rights and anti-war movements and the media heavily covered his opinions. He continued releasing albums and experimented with electric instruments with his 1965 album "Bringing It All Back Home." His musical style and raw lyrics became highly famous amongst critics as well as other musicians. "The Beatles" were also inspired by his raw music that felt original and from the heart. He managed to explore the untapped lands of several musical genres. Bob Dylan managed to consistently revamp his appearance as well as music while releasing a frenzy of multi-platinum albums that peaked at numerous charts all over the world.

Bob Dylan has managed to release thirty four studio albums and fifty eight global smash hit singles, becoming one of the most selling artist of all times. Dylan has received worldwide acclaim for his work and he is a recipient of eleven Grammy Awards, one Academy Award and a Golden Globe amongst several other accolades. He was inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall Fame," "Songwriters Hall of Fame" and "Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame." His multi selling albums include "Blonde on Blonde" (1966), "Blood on the Tracks" (1975), "Slow Train Coming" (1979), "Time Out of Mind" (1987), and "Modern Times" (2006). His most recent studio albums "Christmas in the Heart" and "Together Through life," were released in 2009.

Apart from his immense contribution in music, Bob Dylan has worked as an actor, screenwriter, visual artist, producer as well as director over the years. The legendary artist continues his eternal journey as he mesmerizes the crowd with his powerful lyrics and beautifully composed songs. Millions of fans follow his live tours across the country as he fascinates and enthralls with his magical performances. The legendary artist continues to woo his fans with his foot tapping heart thumping hit singles that allow the audience to relive the magical era of Bob Dylan. By grabbing Bob Dylan tickets, the fans can once more experience the artist perform live.

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