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Bob Seger was born on 6 May 1945 in Detroit. When he was 6 years old his family has left Detroit and came in Ann Arbor. Bob Seeger got the early education there and then graduate degree. His father has left the family and came in California. When Bob Seger was 10 years old. He has started the music in 1961. He started the music from Detroit and then came to Ann Arbor. There he joined Town Crier.

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Bob Seger become popular after his "East Side Story" release. Its more then 50,000 copies were sold in Detroit. After this in 1967 he has released "Heavy Music" which was also successful. In 1968 Bob seager has formed The Bob Seger System. In 1974 Bob Seiger has formed the Silver Bullet Band. The members of Silver Bullet Band were Drew Abbott who was the guitarist, Charlie Allen Martin who plays drums, Rick Mannassa play keyboards, Chris Campbell who was the bass guitarist and Alto Reed who play saxophones. In 1976 bob sege has release "Live Bullet" which was considered as the best live album ever made. After this he has released an album Night Moves in same year which have several hits. Night Moves song of Bob segar became a blockbuster song in the audience. Seger was known as most popular rockers in USA.

Bob Seger has release his new album named "Face the Promise" in 2006 after 10 years.

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