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When two great voices come together, the resulting effect is pure magic. You will experience such magic at the Bon Iver Feist concert. Get the Bon Iver Feist tickets and enjoy two great acts on a single stage!

Bon Iver from the Bon Iver Feist duo is an American band. It was formed in 2007. Its founding member was Justin Vernon who is an indie folk singer and songwriter. Other members of the band include Michael Noyce (guitar), Matthew McCaughan (bass and drums) and Sean Carey (drums and piano). New additions to the band are Rob Moose (guitar and violin), Mike Lewis (bass), Reginald Pace, C.J. Camarieri and Colin Stetson on the horn section. They released their debut album independently the same year of their formation. It was titled For Emma, Forever Ago. It reached number sixty four on US charts along with critical acclaim. Rolling Stone placed it at number twenty nine on their list of "Top 50 Albums of 2008". It did much better in Europe and Australia. It was certified gold in the UK, Denmark and Australia. Its popular songs include "Skinny Love", "For Emma" and "re: Stacks".
Success in its true form came to Bon Iver when they released their second album in 2011. The album was titled Bon Iver, Bon Iver. It consists of ten songs with each song representing a new place or city. For example, the song "Perth" was a heavy metal number, "Minnesota, WI" featured guitars, drums and saxophone, and "Beth/Rest" consisted of the horn. It was a departure from their usual style because for the sake of the album, Vernon had included a list of other musicians to give their songs a new feel. Thus, the songs showed more diversity and layers which added depth to the music of the band. This approach was a big hit with the audiences and the album was an instant success. It reached the Top 10 in many countries around the world. It topped the US alternate, indie and rock charts as well as charts in Denmark. Bon Iver received two 2012 Grammy Awards for "Best New Artist" as well as "Best Alternative Album" for Bon Iver, Bon Iver. Popular song of the album "Holocene" got nominated for Grammy "Song of the Year" and "Record of the Year". You can listen to this song and a lot more at the Bon Iver Feist concert.
The second half of the Bon Iver Feist is the Canadian singer Leslie Feist. She performs solo as well as part of the band called Broken Social Scene. She indulges in the music genre of indie pop, baroque pop and folk music. She emerged on the music scene in 1999 when she released her first album called ‘Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down)’. It did not do well. Her second album called Let It Die which she released in 2004 brought her recognition. However, it was her third album, ‘The Reminder’ (2007), which brought her commercial as well as critical success. Selling above 2.5 million copies, it earned her four Grammy Award nominations, one of which was for "Best New Artist". She won five Juno Awards for "Album of the Year", "Songwriter of the Year", "Single of the Year", "Artist of the Year" and "Pop Album of the Year" in 2008 and three more in 2012 for her latest release is her album Metals which was released in September, 2011. All her albums except for the first won have received platinum certification in Canada with The Reminder going multiplatinum. Metal on the other hand is in its early period of release and therefore, has time to sell a lot more copies. She will be promoting this album at the Bon Iver Feist show.
Bon Iver Feist performance is going to be a success considering that both of them are at the top of their careers, have recently won Grammy Awards for their latest releases, and have platinum certification. There is no doubt that the audiences are going to have a blast listening to two great acts and enjoying indie pop and rock in a single night. So what are you waiting for? Get hold of Bon Iver Feist tickets fast before they are all sold out!

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