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Bon Iver, the band is an entrant to indie music. Rising from the status of a cult entity, Bon Iver has proved itself as an innovative indie act. They are very much mainstream now with a have fairly good presence. The band comprises of Justine Vernon (vocal/guitar) with Michael Noyce (guitar), Sean Carey (drums, piano), and Matthew McCaughan (drums). Since its inception, the band produced hard core indie music with folk as fusion elements.

Justin Vernon, the founder of the band went into recluse after experiencing a bumpy early career and personal life. He retreated to his father’s wood cabin in remote Northwestern Wisconsin’s, here he recorded tracks that became a part of his band’s first commercial venture. Bon Iver's recording label Jagjaguwar, released For Emma, Forever Ago in early 2008. The album mostly a reprise of Vernon’s solo work and a few collaborations gathered considerable critical acclaim. This album was phenomenal in the EU. Consequently, label 4AD released the album in Europe later that year. A mega reception with rave ratings on all media platforms helped Bon Iyer make news in indie world.

Accolade and ovation from Rolling Stones ranked For Emma, Forever Ago 29 on Top 50 Albums of 2008 . Online reviews, publishers and blogs placed it on their top 30s on The Top 200 Albums of the 2000’s list. The band's music made music to most popular television series. The CW Series One tree hill featured the tracks Blindsided and Flume . Flume again featured on BBC productions, Street and Fox’s House . Skinny Love became particularly prominent when it staged at the famous Late Show with David Letterman and Grey’s Anatomy . Skinny Love along with Blood Band and Creature Fear were featured on the famous TV series Chuck . The Wolves (Act I and II) went to The United States of Tara while Re:Stacks was featured in House. Woods was featured on the Series 3 soundtrack as well as on Skins .

Vernon collaboration with many artists brought a new dimension to Bon Iver’s music. Kanye West and the band together delivered subtle renditions of Lost In the World and Woods . They were featured on his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . A couple of music videos were also released by the band namely The Wolves (Acts I & II) (2008), Take Away Show (2008) and Calgary (2011).

Bon Iver is the band’s second and most recent release. It is reviewed as devious yet strong blend of heavy sounds, a la Vernon way. The songs have strong lyrics depicting Vernon’s world view. The music score is unconventional band play of metal. Unlike the first album, this one is relatively more civic in mood and harmony. Its flavor is distinctly refined with a new in dimension. Remorse and melancholy in unconscious and music layered with poignancy, Bon Iver is interestingly more aggressive, energetic and raw.

The band has been touring since 2008 performing solo and combined acts, mostly staging Kayne West and Megafaun. Vernon learned from early tours that a Bon Iver concert wouldn’t be mere guitars and songs. He ensured that it was not an all in all band show and redefined touring. Bon Iver in concert meant the band and the audience singing together as one voice. To put up such show Vernon distributed sing along lyrics and together they created magical vibes. Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits witnessed such concerts.

The band’s latest UK pivots on the release of the single Holocene from Bon Iver and Come Talk To Me a Pater Gabriel cover, this September. Both the tracks under official previews and leaks continue to gamer recognition and fame. Considering an unexpected ordeal, the band has planned on upgrading the tour. The stages, props and set up will display Bon Iver‘s musical performance in its true colors. For the tour the band is featuring additional band members; Rob Moose on violin and guitar and Mike Lewis on bass. Celebrated artists Reginald Pace, Colin Stetson and C.J. Camerieri will be honoring the brass section. Bon Iver Tickets are highly recommended for you as their concerts are quiet elaborate and detailed. Its a concert tour not to be missed!

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