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American Hard Rock sensation Bon Jovi was founded by band's lead singer Jon Bon Jovi in Sayreville, New Jersey. Jon Bon Jovi attained his high school education from St. Joseph High School and there he also started playing piano and guitar for a band named Raze. Later Jon Bon Jovi started playing in local clubs and bars as he became a part of a 12-piece cover band called Atlantic City Expressway, after he met David Bryan. Later in 1983, one of his song, Runaway, which he recorded in 1980, was aired on WAPP (radio channel), and from there several other radio stations picked the song up and that's how Jon Bon Jovi got his initial exposure.

Later Jon called Bryan up again, and Bryan set a Bassist Alec John and a drummer named Tico Torres up for Jon Bon Jovi, while Richie Sambora played the part of lead guitarist of the band. Once the band was formed they started performing on several talent shows and from there they drew enough attention and that's how the band got its first record deal with Mercury Records. Before the band released any of their studio albums, they performed as the opening acts on the tours of the bands like Scorpions, Kiss and ZZ top.

Later on 21 January, 1984, the band released its debut album titled "Bon Jovi", which fortunately came out to be a major success story and received Gold Status. Bands second studio album was released in 1985 titled 7800? Fahrenheit. But unlike their debut album, their second album didn't fetch them much success and most of the critics cited it as a poor album.

The bands third studio album came out in the following year and it was titled Slippery When Wet. The lyrics of their third album were written by Desmond Child. With Desmond Child on their side on the part of lyrics, band was able to score several hits, and earned its part of stardom. After the release of their album, the band went on a tour and after that tour; Bon Jovi released its fourth Studio album, "New Jersey", in 1988. The album was a success and contained singles like "Lay Your Hands of Me", "Bad Medicine" and "I'll be there for you". Later the band also went on "The Jersey Syndicate tour" to help promote their album. The tour lasted for 18 months.

Later from 1990 till 1992 the band members parted ways for sometime, and during that time Jon Bon Jovi recorded his solo album that featured singers like Elton John, Jeff Beck and Little Richard. The album was released in 1990, and received certified platinum status.

It was in 1992 when the band released its next studio album titled, Keep the Faith, and contained singles like "In these Arms", "Bed of Roses" and "Dry Country".

The bands most recent album, "Lost Highway", came out in 2007 and after the release of their album; the band went on a Lost High Tour to help promote their album. The tour started On October 25, 2007 and after performing a total of 99 shows during the tour, The Lost High Tour ended on July 15, 2008.

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