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Bonnie Raitt is a singer as well as a songwriter from the United States of America. This talented musician was born on the 8th of November in the year of 1949. She is famous for playing the blues musical genre and is also an acclaimed guitar player. Throughout the decade of the 70s, this incredible musician released numerous popular albums which had been greatly influenced by the roots music. These albums of hers comprised of the musical genres such as country, blues, folk as well as rock, however she is more famous for her exceedingly commercial studio recorded albums which came out during the 1990s. A few of which are "Love Sneakin’ Up on You", "Nick of Time", "I Can’t Make You Love Me" and "Something to Talk About". Raitt is a political activist since time immemorial and has successfully won nine Grammy Awards so far.Bonnie Raitt was born on the 8th of November in 1949. She is 62 years old and comes from Burbank in California in the United States of America. Bonnie Raitt is the daughter of the famous Broadway musical actor by the name of John Raitt. She started playing the guitar at a very early age. Only a few of her peers at her high school used to play along with her. As time went on, Raitt became increasingly popular for her bottleneck way of strumming the guitar. The main musical genres that she explores are the folk, country, rock and blues. She is a successful musician, a songwriter, a singer, a philanthropist as well as a political activist. The main musical instruments that she plays are the slide guitar and the guitar. She is the lead vocalist of her band. Raitt has been successful active in the music industry of the United States of America since the year of 1971 till the present day. She has been associated with music labels such as Warner Bros Music Label as well as with the Capitol Records.


In the year of 1970, Bonnie Raitt did an opening musical performance for McDowell at the well known Gaslight Café which is located in New York. As she performed the opening for the show, she was noticed by a journalist at the event who was representing the Newsweek Magazine. The journalist spread news of this talented new artist in town and in no time people from various big music record organizations began to show up at Raitt’s show to hear her perform. Ultimately the music recording company of Warner Bros. signed Raitt up for the release of her first album which was known as Bonnie Raitt. The first album of Raitt was released in the year of 1971. The album received a lot of critical acclaim more so because at that time, seeing a talented female guitarist was simply very rare. But Raitt built a strong repute as a female guitarist with the release of her first album.

After more than twenty years that Bonnie Raitt spent recording and performing, she eventually gained immense amount of commercial success with the release of her 10th studio recorded album which was known as Nick of Time. This album was released in the year of 1989. The album was listed at the top of the music charts in the United States of America. This conversely got her to win at the Grammy Award in the year of 1990. Her 10th studio recorded album Nick of Time, fruitfully sold more than 6 million copies in the United States of America and was also a worldwide hit album.
In the March of 2000, Bonnie Raitt was successfully inducted into the acclaimed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Raitt has been actively touring and performing on a global level. She enjoys a great fan following. Raitt is known to give some of the most thrilling and absolutely electrifying live performances. Her live onstage performances are extremely captivating and a real treat for music fans. She is soon coming to a spectacular music concert near you. Her upcoming music concert is expected to be a colossal success.
The Bonnie Raitt tickets are a real treat for those who enjoy listening to fantastic live music. If you are a fan of Raitt, or a fan of listening a great music show then this is the best time for you to get hold of those Bonnie Raitt tickets and experience a truly memorable time at this amazing music event. 

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