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Sound vocals and great pop sensibilities have helped bring them to the fore of the rest of the genre. Full of catchy tunes, Boys Like Girls is an American rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. In late 2005 just after a few months of formation the band completed nationwide tours with their Cute Is What We Aim For, Hit the Lights and Butch Walker and topped the Top Unsigned Artist chart on Pure Volume.

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Those accomplishments have earned Boys Like Girls its first headlining tour after doing 14 support tours. The step up to headlining status hasn't come overnight for Boys Like Girls, but the band did enjoy a rapid arrival on the national scene.

The band was initiated when Johnson, then a 17-year-old high school junior, met drummer John Keefe. Both were playing for two separate bands. They instantly clicked and became inseparable. John has known Bryan [Donahue - bassist] since they were really young. That was four years ago. The lineup for Boys Like Girls was soon completed with the arrival of guitarist Paul DiGiovanni, whom Keefe and Donahue met while producing a demo for a friend.

Due to a wise move of posting some early demos online, including "The Great Escape," in 2005, the band immediately got noticed by a few people in very useful places, such as Matt Galle (booking agent for Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance) and record producer Matt Squire (who's worked with Panic! At The Disco). With their support, Boys Like Girls embarked on their first nationwide tour with A Thorn for Every Heart, Hit the Lights and Keating in late February 2006. Following the month-long venture, the recorded their debut album for Columbia Records/Red Ink with Squire. The remainder of the year was spent playing first on a five-band bill with Spitalfield, Punchline, Over It, and Valencia, as well as on the Tournado Tour, where they shared the stage with The All-American Rejects, Motion City Soundtrack, and The Format. In mid-2007, the band played the annual Vans Warped Tour for the first time.

Boys Like Girls has slowly, but surely, been making a name for itself over the past two years. And with the recent exposure that came with having "The Great Escape," the lead single from its self-titled debut CD, reach the top spot on MTV's Total Request Live countdown, the group has started to gain some serious commercial momentum. Sales of the CD, which was released in August 2006, have now topped 200,000 copies in the United States. This band definitely has talent -- and possibly a big future

Aside from mild references to "wild times" and occasional bitterness over a breakup, the message is quite optimistic about love, relationships, the future, and growing up. The band's all-around sound is geared to late '90s alternative radio rock, along the lines of Vertical Horizon, Goo Goo Dolls, and Eve 6. Musical influences especially in guitarwork and drumming, include a variety of contemporary pop punk bands, such as Jimmy Eat World, Story of the Year, Relient K, The Academy Is..., Kelena, and Dashboard Confessional. They even find influences in the metalcore band Atreyu. As far as the vocal patterns and lyricism are concerned punk rock influences are far less obvious. Their debut album is a polished piece of pop rock that is both pleasant (and innocuous) on the ears and radio ready.

There's no denying the effort the band and its producers put into their collection of songs in self titled album. It's slick and crisp and extremely well produced. It's refreshingly nice to hear the boys in this band sing of girls with adoration and respect. There's no name calling or rage. Sure there's the requisite heartache, pain, and anguish with some bitterness and jealousy thrown in, but they're feelings all teens can relate to.. Despite the occasionally heavy-handed borrowings and lazy lyrics, there are enough glimpses of promise within their debut to make it worth checking out.

The concerts of Boys Like Girls are mostly sold out shows due to their rocking riffs and. the energy level is at its absolute high throughout the entire show. There is rarely a dull moment at their concerts which proves that they are not only a studio band, but can also put on an amazing live show!

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