Boz Scaggs Tickets

Boz Scaggs is among the most versatile artists of his era. He has been on the music scene for decades and has come out and given his fans countless hits to rank among the most celebrated performers of his time. What makes him special is the fact he hasn’t restricted himself to one particular genre. He is now on tour and will soon be coming to perform near you. Grab your Boz Scaggs tickets and catch him perform live.

Boz Scaggs real name is William Royce Scaggs. His family re-located to Oklahoma from his birthplace of Ohio. They then went to settle down in Plano. That is where he attended school. It was in school that some of his classmates began to call him "Bosley." That was later trimmed down to become "Boz." He then started to learn how to play the guitar at a very early age. He was twelve years old when he first met "Steve Miller" who asked Scaggs to join him. Scaggs took over as the vocalist of Miller’s group "Marksmen."The two of them stuck a special friendship and began to perform regularly. The duo then made their way to university together. There they joined groups like "Fabulous Knight Trains" and the "Ardells." The time he spent on various groups played a big part in honing Scaggs skills as a musician.
Boz Scaggs made his way to London to try his hand at R&B. He played with "Mother Earth" and "Wigs" initially and then went to Sweden. He wanted to see how he does as a solo performer and once in Sweden he came out with his debut album titled "Boz" in the year 1965. Unfortunately it didn’t do as well as he was would have liked and Scaggs made his way back to the United States.
Boz Scaggs joined hands with his long time friend Steve Miller once he was back.  He featured on the first two albums released by "Steve Miller Band." "Children of the Future" and "Sailor" both did fairly well and brought Scaggs into the limelight. His talents came to the fore and earned him his first record deal with Atlantic Records.
Scaggs hit the studios to work on his first major album and the result was a self-titled creation that hit the music stores in 1969. The album received a lot of positive reviews from most of the critics and did fairly well on the commercial front. He then made his way to the recording studios one more time and worked tirelessly on his next album which was titled "Silk Degrees." It turned out to be an instant sensation. The album captivated millions around the world and put Boz Scaggs under the spotlight for good. Songs like "Lido Shuffle," "What Can I Say" and "Lowdown" all did brilliantly on charts.  Silk Degrees was certified five times platinum and also won a Grammy for its efforts.
Boz Scaggs then released "Down Two Then Left" in 1977 and it turned out to be another very successful release. It sold over a million copies to go platinum. "Middle Man" hit the music stores three years later and repeated the trick. Then came a compilation album titled "Hits!" next year that went gold to put Scaggs right up there with the best.
Boz Scaggs has been a star of the music industry. He has done things his own way and has kept true to his music philosophy to become the artist he is. He is about to hit the road once again and will soon be coming to perform near you. This is your chance to buy Boz Scaggs tickets and catch this wonderful artist in concert live.

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