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Brandi Carlile was born in June 1, 1981 is an American singer and songwriter. Brandi Carlile was born in the small town of Ravens dale, WA, an isolated community 50 miles away from Seattle. With few neighbors or friends nearby, Carlile grew up learning to make her own entertainment, camping and hiking in the nearby woods and teaching herself to sing. Carlile grew up listening to the classic country music her parents doted on, and she made her stage debut at the age of eight after she was taken to a local country radio show by her mother.

Start of Carrier:

At 17, Carlile picked up the guitar, having developed a taste for rock & roll through Elton John's classic albums of the 1970s. Later while playing clubs, she encountered a band called the Fighting Machinists, featuring twin brothers Tim Hans Roth on guitar and Phil Hans Roth. Impressed by their instrumental skills and spot-on harmonies, Carlile became an instant fan of the Fighting Machinists, and when the group broke up, she persuaded the Hans Roth twins to form a group with her. While they started out as an aggressive rock & roll band, Carlile's emotionally powerful songwriting and acoustic guitar work soon became the dominant component of the group's sound, and they began touring regularly, headlining small venues and opening shows for Dave Matthews, Shawn Colvin, and India Arie.



In 2000, Carlile recorded the first of several self-released recordings that sold briskly at shows. Columbia Records signed Carlile in late 2004 on the strength of songs she'd been recording periodically at home. Released in 2005, Brandi Carlile showcased those early songs along with several newly recorded tracks. Shortly after the release of Brandi Carlile, she left her home in Seattle and set out with the Hans Roth brothers, with whom she'd worked on her earliest recordings and independent regional tours. The tightly knit trio, which forms the core of her band today, spent the better part of two years on the road honing the songs that would later become part of her album The Story.

In 2005, she was featured on Rolling Stone's 10 Artists to watch in 2005 list. By the end of 2006, Carlile had embarked on several headlining tours and supported a variety of artists. Her second album, The Story, was released in April 2007. The album was recorded in an eleven-day-long session. The crack in Carlile's vocals during the title track, The Story, came out by accident and was a direct result of the way the album was recorded.

Carlile was exposed to a wider audience when ABC's Grey's Anatomy showcased three of her songs: "Tragedy," "What Can I Say," and "Throw It All Away". On May 3, 2007, a special two-hour episode of "Grey's Anatomy" featured Carlile's song Turpentine during footage of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. She will work with Reverb, a non-profit environmental organization, for her 2007 fall tour. Brandi's first steps toward creating The Story began years ago outside of Seattle, where, while growing up, Carlile taught herself to sing and play guitar at a young age with her family. Dedicating her life to music, Carlile became a disciplined musician playing constantly and performing whenever possible as way to learn her craft and develop her art.

With The Story, Brandi Carlile takes you into the deepest most poetic moments of her own experiences, creating the kind of artist-audience bond that makes you feel you're living inside those moments yourself.

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