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The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s is an amazing band that has made quite a reputation for themselves since their inception two decades ago. Drenched in the history of psychedelic sound when they first kicked-off the band has now ventured into various other genres to showcase the strength in depth of their music. To catch them live all you need to do is grab your Brian Jonestown Massacre tickets and be a witness to the power of this remarkable group.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is a brainchild of Anton Newcombe. Born on 29th August, 1967 he moved from his native Los Angeles to San Francisco in the year 1989. That move occurred because he wanted to take his fascination of the 1960’s psychedelic music to the next level. The very next year he had formed the Brian Jonestown Massacre with Ricky Rene, Patrick Straczek, Travis Threlkel and Mat Hollywood. The name itself is a tribute to Brian Jones, the guitarist and founder of one of the most legendary bands of all time, The Rolling Stones. The band kicked off with a few singles like Convertable, Acid and Hide and Seek etc. All these songs had visible traces of the kind of music that was the hallmark of The Rolling Stones. These songs garnered enough of a cult following for the band to release their first major album Methodrone in 1995.  The sound and music of the album was inspired by the raging Shoegazing trends going around especially in the United Kingdom. The sound was melodic and rhythmic which combined to give it a dreamy rock theme. It remains to this day Brian Jonestown Massacre’s one and only album that has this sound because after that they ventured into the psychedelic music and kept it going.
The Brian Jonestown Massacre followed that up with the release of their next album Take it from the Man! on 28th May, 1996. The album had a lot of the sound that was inspired by the works of The Rolling Stones. The album received a lot of acclaim from everywhere especially from the critics with AllMusic giving it four and a half stars out of a total of five. Then came their next amazing album Their Satanic Majesties Second Request in 1996. The name was a direct tribute to The Rolling Stones album Their Satanic Majesties Request which came out in 1967. The album just like the previous one received a lot of acclaim for the band’s attempts to pay homage to the sound of the psychedelic sound that was prevalent in the 1960’s.  Songs like All Around You and Donovan Said made it a big hit and earned four and a half stars from AllMusic. Then came the third straight hit, Thank God for Mental Illness later in 1996. It was Brian Jonestown Massacre’s third album of 1996 and it went on to be a pretty big hit as well to make it three in a row. The album was recorded in jus one day and the music heard all through the record is played on various instruments to give it a diverse sound. Once again the sound was inspired by the 1960’s garage rock and just like the two earlier albums the effort was positively acclaimed. The album got four stars from AllMusic to make it a hat trick of successful albums.
Brian Jonestown Massacre then went into the latest rage of the 2000’s, the electronic music, and released And This Is Our Music. We Are The Radio came out in 2005 and it was another electronica record. Both these albums received a lot of critical praise. The group by this time had started to tour extensively as well which coupled with the uniqueness of their music started to sell Brian Jonestown Massacre tickets to packed houses. More brilliant albums like My Bloody Underground, Who Killed Sgt. Pepper? and Smoking Acid came out to cement their reputation as a one-off group. They are here to stay and as they embark on their latest tour make sure you grab your Brian Jonestown Massacre tickets to watch them live!

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