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One of the best stand-up comedians of present day United States, Brian Regan has perfected the art of self-deprecating humor, sarcastic and observational comedy! Perhaps the leader of the present generation of American stand-up comedians, he has won accolades both from his fans and critics for being "Mr. Clean". There are few stand-up comedians that you could even think of watching and enjoying with your family; Regan’s act is one of them! The man willfully shies away from profanity and vulgar humor and does not utter a word even remotely dubbed as "bad taste comedy". Any wonder then that he is loved by millions all over the world! Now, you too can enjoy his roll over with laughter comedy by buying Brian Regan tickets!

Brian Regan is from Miami, Florida, and grew up in a large family. One of his brother’s, Dennis Regan, is also a well-known stand-up comedian. The reason why Regan ended up becoming such successful stand-up comedian is that ever since he was a kid, he was inspired by the legends of the comic world like Johnny Carson, the Smothers Brothers, and Steve Martin, among others. However, he is not one of those artists who were always sure of their career choice from the very beginning.

After finishing high school he attended Heidelberg College, wherein he played American football, meanwhile studying to become an accountant. It was interestingly his football coach who discovered the comic in him and encouraged him to instead pursue a career in stand-up comedy. So sure was Regan of his innate talent that he quit college while only one-semester shy of his bachelors degree and became a professional comedian. He would however, later on, finish his college degree. So it can be said with certainty that Brian Regan, in addition to being a great stand-up comedian, is also an ideal role model!

In addition to catching Regan live at a venue near you, you can also get his fresh and hilarious stuff on CD under the title, All By Myself. It is exclusively available on his website though and not anywhere else. Brian Regan, being famous and funny, has also been on various Comedy Central’s shows. Epitome of Hyperbole, a Comedy Central Special, featuring Regan is now available on a DVD. Another of his unforgettable act exclusively for the Comedy Central was under the title, Standing Up, which was a one-hour special stand-up act, recorded inside the Barclay Theatre in Irvine, California. A DVD covering the entire act is also available for your viewing.

Regan has also been one of the most hilarious comedians on the Comedy Central’s Shorties Watchin’ Shorties, an animated stand-up show. But if you are interested in catching his earliest work then you must look into titles like Walked on the Moon and Brian Regan Live. The mentioned CDs and DVDs may get you acquainted with what Regan’s comic style is all about, but they will not connect with you like a stand-up comedian’s live performance! For that special feeling, you need to be at Regan’s event in your beautiful city!

Why do people even after watching Brian Regan on television and elsewhere still prefer to watch him live in person! The secret lies in the fact that he discusses everyday events, instead of cracking race, color, ethnicity-based jokes. He sees humor in visiting his doctor’s clinic, or stopping by local UPS center for package delivery, and other everyday events. He makes fun of himself coming from a large family. He relates his childhood stories in a funny way, often citing references to science projects, spelling bees competitions, and little league baseball games at school. Due to the depth of his comedy, he has amongst his fans a large number of teenagers as well as middle-aged adults.

Often dubbed as the "universal comic", his style has been often praised by The Wall Street Journal, The Onion, Slate, and the Comedy Central. Now, it is your turn to enjoy Regan’s unique comic style and become a lifelong fan of clean humor! The man, who has often proven that funny doesn’t have to be vulgar, awaits your arrival at his upcoming event in your city! So buy Brian Regan tickets now!

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