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Bridge School Benefit tickets are out now so get your very own tickets and support the cause that was founded by Neil Young and his family. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see all of your most loved stars on one stage, united for charity. Bridge School Benefit is just around the corner. Starting off in October of 1986, the first concert with the name of Bridge School Benefit was held in Mountain View, California.

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The venue hasn’t changed much over the years and even on its 25 th Anniversary this year, the excitement and thrill is the same as it was back in the 80s. The celebrities were different, the songs were different, the crowd was smaller, but the cause was always true – help kids with severe impairments and communication defects. The entire event is non-profit and the artists participate with the motive of having their share to the cause of helping such special kids. This magically makes the performances even more from the heart. Thanks to the heavy contacts that the founder and famous musician, Neil Young has, each year the list of performers is star studded. Get your very own Bridge School Benefit tickets and be part of this star studded concert, as well as putting your share for a great cause.

So who’s coming this year? The better question would be to ask who is missing! That’s right folks. This year, living up to the hype, the show will be hosting the Mexican guitar god Carlos Santana, the alternative rock royalty Foo Fighters, the immaculate Dave Matthews and indie rock boys from Canada, Arcade Fire. Other than these will be Beck, Jenny Lewis, Eddie Vedder, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall and many more. The Bridge School Benefit this year sure will be a dual of class acts. And to give special treat to the dedicated fans, Neil Young himself will be showering his musical magic on everyone, as the legend will show the world how effortlessly flawless he is. It will be an event of the year.

Carlos Santana will be performing with other artists as well, such as Cindy Blackman and Los Invisibles. He is the face of spicy salsa and smooth jazz music and is a complete pleasure on stage. Santana’s live performances are quite a treat and you simply can tell when it’s someone else and when it’s the maestro from Autlán de Navarro. Bridge School Benefit tickets will not only provide you the best guitarist to rock along, but also the best rock band to bang your head with. Foo Fighters are no more just a beneficiary of the success of 90s grunge rock great Nirvana. Under the genius of drummer, guitarist and now vocalist Dave Grohl, the band has achieved immense success in the 90s and the last decade as well. The band has won a staggering 6 Grammys and also 2 VMAs and Britts. They have had huge success with their latest album titled W asting Light and are sure to perform some numbers from this latest release. Bridge School Benefit will get you all this.

To partner up with the likes of Santana and the Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews will bring sensuality to the evening, with his charismatic tunes, compositions and creative vocals. The American musician is well known for his orchestral music and unmatched live performances. Get ready to sing songs like "Big Eyed Fish" and "Grace is Gone" as he shows his metal. His music will be supported by the awesome tunes of Arcade Fire and singer /actor Jenny Lewis, who is not only charming but has a beautiful voice.

The best thing is all of this will be for the benefit and charity of children so that they can hope for a better and healthier future. It’s a noble cause with a pleasant twist – the twist being the electrifying performances by mainstream music’s finest. California will soon be a happening place, and tickets are being sold like hot cakes. Buy your Bridge School Benefit Tickets before they’re sold out!


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A:Yes, bridge school benefit Tickets have gone for sale. You can order them now!

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A:You can get extra discount on bridge school benefit Tickets by using discount codes.