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Brit Floyd is a Pink Floyd tribute band based in UK. They were formed in 2010 by the Managing Director of CMP, and by musical director, Damien Darlington. The band originally comes from a similar tribute show, "The Australian Pink Floyd Show" or the TAPFS as it is known. The show went on for some time, but eventually was subjected to dispute between directors of the show and the CMP. The TAPFS had new management personnel appointed as a result of which CMP Entertainment and Damien Darlington decided to group together and come up with a separate band. Their concerts were initially called "The British Pink Floyd Show", but later on came to be known simply as Brit Floyd.

The band tours around UK and some parts of Europe. The concerts are a loose recreation of Pink Floyd’s famous "The Division Bell Tour". The stage production, lighting and projections, as well as the incorporation of inflatable objects pay homage to Pink Floyd’s final concert tour. "The Division Bell Tour" was first organized in 1994 to promote the band’s latest album of the time, "The Division Bell". The shows were such a huge success that the live performances were recorded and compiled into an album which they called "Pusle". This tour also became the highest grossing rock concert series in history.

In some the shows, Pink Floyd would play the entire track list from "The Dark Side of the Moon"; something they had not performed in nearly twenty years. The concerts were particularly recognized for their elaborate special effects and lighting. The sets included two airships that were specially designed for the band. The stage itself was about 180 feet in length, sporting a 130 feet arch that curved right above. It has been estimated that each show required approximately 700 tons of metal that was carried by over 50 tucks and managed by 161 people who made up the tour crew. Nearly $25 million were spent on setting the stage throughout the course of the tour. Pink Floyd played this tour in 68 cities. Each show would in turn have 45,000 people in attendance. At the end of the tour, they had worldwide revenue of more than $250 million. For the time, it became the highest grossing tour ever. In many ways, it is what began the modern day trend of stylized performances. It is this legacy that the band left behind that Brit Floyd is attempting to pay homage to.

It is not the first time that Brit Floyd will play a show of this nature. The band consists of people who have all been part of the TAPFS. Some members have toured all over North America; others have had the opportunity to play worldwide. Band member Damian Darlington is the only one to have played every single TAPFS concert all over the world from 1994 to 2010. He was also part of the performance in London for David Gilmour’s birthday party.

The first Brit Floyd tickets sold in early 2011. They played their first ever show as a separate band at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. They performed to a turnout of 6000 people. This show was also recorded for DVD which was made available to audiences of subsequent shows and put up on the band’s official website. Later on, they played at big venues including the O2, and the "Royal Albert Hall". They also performed at Silverstone for the "Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix".

Fans of the band can now look for Brit Floyd tickets for their upcoming shows as well. For the rest of the tour, Damian Darlington will continue to serve as the musical director. He will also play guitar and provide vocals. Ola Bienkowska, Amy Smith, Emily Jolands and Jacquie Williams will be joining him on vocals. Arran Ahmun will be the drummer for the performances, with Rick Benbow on keyboard. Carl Brunson will be playing a number of instruments throughout the course of the concert series. Ian Cattel will play bass guitar, Bobby Harrison will play lead guitars, and Rob Stringer will play keyboards. Other than these key musicians, Gareth Darlington will serve as the sound designer and Bryan Kolupski will be responsible for the graphics, video and animation for all of the shows.

Brit Floyd fans can expect a full production tribute show that will hope to capture some of Pink Floyd’s best moments from the "Pulse" era. The band is likely to introduce Pink Floyd to the new generation through these shows.

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