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Get ready country music fans because two of the most sensational artists are teaming up to headline one amazing event at the Brothers of the Sun Tour Kenney Chesney & Tim McGraw show. It is rare to see two super stars get together for a single show let alone a long road journey that will take them to various parts of the country for their fans. Check out the schedule and if you see it coming your way then grab your Brothers of the Sun Tour Kenney Chesney & Tim McGraw tickets as soon as they come out because this is one event that cannot be missed.

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Brothers of the Sun Tour Kenney Chesney & Tim McGraw isn’t just a tour by two stars, it is a coming together of two best friends who have known each other for the past twenty years or so. This will be a tour worth following and fans who buy Brothers of the Sun Tour Kenney Chesney & Tim McGraw tickets will remember it for a long time to come. On One hand we have Kenny Chesney who has been on the scene since 1993 and during that time he has played a huge part in making country music the rage it is today. Over the years this amazing singer has given us some of the biggest hits of genre that have totaled up to over thirty Top ten solo tracks and fifteen breathtaking albums. Out of these twenty tracks went to the very top of charts everywhere whereas fourteen of his fifteen albums have gone on to become Gold or higher. He has also gone on to win some of the biggest awards a country music artist can get including six ACM awards and six CMA awards to cement his reputation as one of the biggest stars the genre has ever seen.
On the other side of the equation we have Tim McGraw who has been making us dance to his tunes since 1992. If Kenny is successful then Tim isn’t a failure either. He has sold well over forty million copies of his albums in the United States only, an achievement that ranks him as the eighth most successful artist of all time. That is not all, Tim has also released eleven straight table topping albums coupled with thirty two, yes that is thirty two number one singles. He also gone on to win three Grammy awards, fourteen ACM awards, eleven CMA awards and ten AMA’s along with multiple other accolades. He has also headlined the biggest and the most successful tour in the history of country music called Soul2Soul II Tour.
This legendary duo got together for the first time at the George Strait Country Music Fest in the early part of 2000’s. Both of them have since gone on to broaden their horizons and have now become two of country music’s biggest stars of all time. They have always wanted to go on a major tour together and Brothers of the Sun Tour Kenney Chesney & Tim McGraw is the culmination of that dream. What gives the tour a special appeal is the fact that these are just not artists, they are best friends who are on the same wavelength, who know what this tour means and what they want out of it.
Brothers of the Sun Tour Kenney Chesney & Tim McGraw tour is going to go all over the country to various states and cities and give fans a chance to watch two of the best musicians ever perform together for a truly unique experience. This road trip has been two decades in the making and has come at a time when both these amazing super stars are at the op of their profession. They wanted to do something different, something special for their fans and they sure like delivering all that and much more. For everyone who wants to see Tim and Kenny fulfill their dream Brothers of the Sun Tour Kenney Chesney & Tim McGraw tickets are available for you to buy to hop on for a ride of a lifetime.

Brother of the Sun Tour Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw presents the two fantastic country musicians performing together in series of concerts across US. Both the forty-something artists are incredible vocalists and guitarists, with McGraw also skilled at playing the piano while Chesney has also mastered the bass. McGraw has made quite a few hit singles and albums that have frequently been spotted on country charts, while the sum of his album unit sales has amounted to more than forty million in America, which entitles him to the eighth position at selling country music and the third best across the Soundscan period. He has had eleven consecutive studio offerings taking the Billboard’s Number One spot right after their release. Twenty-one singles took the top place on the charts of Hot Country Songs by Billboard. He took the Soul2Soul II Tour with singer wife Faith Hill, in which was noted for being the most grossing tour in the history of country genre, and fifth most successful tour among all types of music.
Chesney, who will soon perform on Brother of the Sun Tour Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw shows, has released fifteen studio albums of which fourteen have attained the status of certified gold. Over thirty singles have taken place among Top Ten tracks on the Hot Country Songs charts by Billboard, among which twenty reached up to the Number One seat. Chesney too, is counted among the most successful touring artists from country music, often holding sold-out concerts at any given venue. In 2007, he went on the Flip Summer Tour that is considered to be a top-grossing road trip tour of the year. Chesney has gone of twelve tours since 2001, mastering the art of the trade which brought him a Billboard Touring Award due to his continuous touring routine for four years 2005-08.  
Brother of the Sun Tour Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw shows feature the two vocalists who have won major popularity from country critics. Kenny Chesney has garnered high critical acclaim by winning many awards from academies such as French Country Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Television, American Music Awards, Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music.  The combined act of the two country singer-songwriters in the Sun Tour has sparked up much demand for Brother of the Sun Tour Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw tickets.
Chesney’s career is marked with many award-receiving moments, among which awards from Academy of Country Music have appeared six times, of which four come consecutively for Entertainment of the Year category between 2005 and 2008, during which time he also garnered the same number of awards from Country Music Association in the same category. Other notable honors include the titles of New Male Vocalist of the Year from Academy of Country Music in 1997, as well as the title of Top Male Vocalist in 2002. In 2005, he also won a Triple Crown Award.  His performance at Brother of the Sun Tour Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw shows will demonstrate just why the artist has won the hearts of so many critics.
McGraw has been winning awards since 1994, with a total of three Grammys, three People’s Choice Awards, ten American Music Awards, eleven Country Music Awards, and fourteen awards from the Academy of Country Music.  Among all these, McGraw has been honored mostly for his extraordinary abilities as vocalist, which brought him titles such as American Music Award’s Favorite Country Male Artist. He has also frequented recognition for producing the best country singles or albums, for instance in 2001 he took over Billboard Awards by winning five titles in the category of Country Artist, Male Country Artist, Country Albums Artist, Country Singles Artist and Country Album (Greatest Hits).  McGraw and Chesney will create some frenzy for country fans at their performance in Brother of the Sun Tour Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw. If you love country or southern music, then get in line for Brother of the Sun Tour Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw tickets since they are sure to be sold out quick.

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