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What Andy Warhol did for pop art, Bryan Ferry took it a step further and infused it with the echoes of the 1950s and 1960s pop music. Till the seventies, conventional popular music had been treading the path of gleeful restraint and had shied away from the brazen excursions that rock & roll had indulged in. Although his big alter ego – embodied in his band Roxy Music – had already begun a heady love affair with art/glam rock, Bryan choose to unfold his solo musical career with more poise and elegance, marked by his synth pop take on classic 60’s hits of the likes of Bob Dylan and The Beatles. Even after having established his stylistically eclectic credibility in the UK – as evident from his chart topping and hit records, Bryan Ferry chose not to enter the rank and file of the Second British Invasion and took to manning Britain’s musical frontiers instead.

Being born around the same time that the Second World War was coming to a close, Bryan Ferry bristled with creative energy throughout his academic life. Excelling at creative writing and acting during his school years, Bryan went on to pursue his first love of music and fine art, opting to major in the latter at the University of Newcastle. Realizing his inclination towards pop art, Bryan was inspired by the legendary British pop artist Richard Hamilton. He rendered the influence upon a musical canvas by forming the student bands The City Blues and The Gas Board. After forming Roxy Music in 1970 with Graham Simpson, Bryan started wielding a double-edged sword of success and dealt one hit record after another.

Fresh with the fame and critical reception of his band’s self-titled debut record; Bryan Ferry commenced his own frivolities with These Foolish Things that gallivanted to the 5 th spot on the UK albums chart. It also let loose the hit single "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" that gushed into the top-ten slot in the UK singles chart. Shifting gears between Roxy Music and solo musings, Bryan released four more albums in the 1970s and became a proud musical progenitor when his Boys and Girls topped the UK charts in 1985. This record also served to be a consolation in disguise following the breakup of Roxy Music two years earlier. However, Bryan Ferry did not remain a "Slave to Love" for long and retorted with "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" as part of Ridley Scott film Legend’s soundtrack. His 1987 Bête Noire featured the co-songwriting credits of former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and had a US top 40 hit in "Kiss and Tell". Next, Bryan ferried his way to the 2 nd spot on the UK albums chart on a Taxi and As Time Goes By during the 1990s, he released two more top-ten albums in the first decade of the new millennium, eventually reaching Olympia in 2010.

Bryan Ferry has followed an active touring schedule due to his dual musical personas. As the front man of Roxy Music, he toured with the band throughout the seventies. Following his stint with his act in support of their fifth studio album Siren , Roxy Music disbanded for the first time around in 1976. However, after reuniting three years later, Bryan set about touring again in support of Avalon in the early eighties, yet took a backseat to being on the road for the next couple of years. Bryan set about touring again in 1988, yet going solo following a second disbanding of Roxy Music in 1984. The turn of the century saw a second reunion of Roxy Music that morphed into an extensive touring regimen over the next few years. 2003 saw Bryan Ferry perform amongst world-class beauties in the Miss World pageant and 4 years later showed that he could still work it even in his sixties by modeling for Marks and Spencer’s "Autograph" line.

Having garnered a Grammy nomination for As Time Goes By in 2000, Bryan Ferry had a cameo in the 2005 film Breakfast on Pluto . 2011 saw him being honored as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the reigning Queen of England for his musical contributions. So book your Bryan Ferry tickets now to be commandeered into musical submission by the vanguard of the British pop-rock era.

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