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George Buddy Guy the iconic guitarist and singer is pronounced as a pioneer of the Chicago Blues. Renowned as one of the greatest guitarists of all time and the best entertainment and sound in blues, he has become a legendary figure in the house of Blues. His inspiring style and techniques are enjoined upon many aspiring and celebrated rock and jazz artists of the time.

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His long running career of more than sixty years began with Baton Rouge under Muddy Waters’ influence. His first recording label Chess proved a non conducive production capacity. It released the soul inspired Left My Blues in San Francisco (1967). His true sound recoded remained unreleased with the label. Delmark and Vanguard recorded a few Guy solo albums and three with Juniors Wells Play.

Through the 70s, Guy remained more or less dormant; he not doing his jazzy heavy blues/rock music was very ironic. However he switched mode in the 80’s to his true sound and went with JSP, Alligator and Atlantic records to produce various albums. His most celebrated work Breaking Out (1988), Damn’ Ive Got The Blues (1991), Feels Like Rain (1993), Slippin In (1994), Sweet Tea (2001), Blue Singer (2003), Skin Deep (2008), Living Proof (2010) and Icon (2011 ).

Buddy Guy’s tirelessly worked to bring forth Chicago Blues to mainstream. His efforts won critical acclaim as awards and honors. Playing classical, contemporary and his very own Chicago Blues; his electric and acoustic guitar acts became the signature of fusion. Traditional and modern blues bound by his music, received twenty three W.C. Handy Awards . Honored by the President’s National Medal of Art ; his toil to create and develop a genre of music got this prestigious reception. Moreover, he became the proud owner for six Grammy’ s for the most popular contemporary blue albums and guitar works.

Buddy Guy’s presence, charisma and personality are that of a true rock star. His uniquely outrageous yet impressive guitar picking techniques were fit for a rock act. Legendary guitarists Eric Clapton upon watching him perform could not resist his absence from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . He along with B.B King took him to the Hall of Fame in 2005. Later impressing the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame with the magic of his fingers and body; he made an entry of its most popular celebrity lists (2008).

Buddy Guy's basic inspiration was to innovate with experimentation on the traditional lines of blues. Chicago Blues harnessed the edge and rendition of pitch and tone in his music. Though his style became distinct and music intricately flavored, he carried a mark of his own passionate Blues. His love, the unexpected turn of chords and keys resulted in a zingy combination of the most energetic blues, ever!

Spontaneous and unexpected ebb and fall of vocals and guitar notes are Guy’s peculiar style. The energy in his sound and music comes from an underlying menace. This menace is impulsively delivered when he plays guitars in the most unimaginable ways. The instruments and vocals tag along and compliment the mood of the lyrics and guitar strings. Guy plays anything and everything possible between a range of very classic and deepest Blues. More so, he extends his fingers to the rock and jazz. A rolling trip of pitch and tones both loud to soft, slow to fast and high to low; he surely keeps the listener entertained all the way.

His rock-ish jazzy touch and feel given to his music is his trademark. His fans and audience specially await the entertaining bits in his music; the most pumping rushes and drains of energy carries them up and away every time they watch him perform. His live performances are highly rated events. Hosted at a few night clubs in the Chicago area, on weekly basis are his Blues Nights. Over here, he is seen delivering the very best of soul teamed with rock jazz and basic blues.

Buddy Guy Tickets makes one relive and enjoy the true spirit of Blues. With the most flamboyant attitude Guy has performed at the famous Folk Festival of the Blue, Liri Blues Festival, American Folk Festival Of The Blues and Bonarro Musical Festival. Purely jazz in essence and most zealous in sound, he has been enthralling live audiences for decades. Accompanied by great showmanship of guitar playing tricks and techniques is a very personalized audience interaction. His ballad and solos keeps him going to the audience ground. With your tickets in hand, you are welcomed to Buddy Guy’s world of Blues and much more!


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