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Music lovers from around the world can rejoice knowing that Cafe Tacuba is still around making music that touches soul.  Founded in 1989, Cafe Tacuba became a popular group not only in Mexico, but all over the world. Sounding more like a coffee shop than a musical group, Cafe Tacuba was actually named after a coffee shop on Tacuba Street in Mexico City, el Cafe de Tacuba. The band originally started with four members, the vocalist being Ruben Ortega, keyboardist Emmaanuel Diaz, lead guitarist Jose Arroyo and bass guitarist Enrique Arroyo.

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Immediately after their inception Cafe Tacuba became extremely popular in their home country of Mexico. Their debut album was named after the band itself having the title ‘Cafe Tacuba’. In this album, the band tried a variety of music styles including pop, punk, hip hop, as well as Mexican music.  Some of the albums were also accompanied by music videos. Their first album debuted in 1992. Subsequent albums followed in 1994 and 1996. In 1999 they released a double-disc set.  There were 2 extremely popular numbers on that double disc, 'La Locomotora" and "La Muerte Chiquita". The latter being so popular it actually won Latin Grammy Award for ‘Best Rock Album’. They released albums biannually which added to the group’s popularity throughout the world and they went on to perform on an international tour.  To this day, Cafe Tacuba tickets are a hot commodity!
The group took 4 years off before releasing its next album. However, during this period they weren't completely missing in action. They worked on a number of projects that included film soundtracks, ‘Amores Perros’, ‘Y tu Tambien’ and ‘Vivir Mata’. The two guitarists, including Emmanuel Diaz, also produced songs for other musicians including Julieta Venegas. Jose Arroyo even went on to work on his own album in 2003, which was produced by Albarran.
To the delight of fans worldwide, Cafe Tacuba did eventually return to what they do best...making music!  However this time around, they decided to add a member to the group.  They chose to go with a live drummer and not only did they audition Victor Indrizzo and Joey Waronker, they made them the new band members.  With the new band members, Cafe Tacuba released their album in 2003.  Fans and critics worldwide gave great reviews about this album and it was a big success, especially considering the time off and the addition of 2 new members.  The album won two Latin Grammys for "Best Alternative Album" and "Best Rock Song" as well as a Grammy for "Best Latin/Rock/Alternative Album". With the substantial amount of success of the album, the group decided to once again go on an international tour.  As expected, the tour was a major success and the group released a live album of the tour as well. They then decided once again to take a break from music, this time for 3 years. In 2007, Cafe Tacuba returned yet again and produced the album ‘Sino’.  This album was different than their last album, Cuatro Caminos, which was a classic rock album.  The band was highly regarded for this new work and was invited to sing at Lollapalooza that same summer.
In 2008 at the Latin Grammy Awards, Cafe Tacuba became the honorable nominee in 6 total categories. They ended the night by setting a record for most Latin Grammys in one night. In the same year the band collaborated with a Puerto Rican group, Calle 13, on a song called "No Hay Nadine Como Tu". Since then they have not released any new music, however their fans can enjoy the popular classics that they have provided the music industry with at their live concerts. Just this year, pianist/keyboardist Emmanuel Diaz announced that the group has plans on releasing a new album before the end of the year! Judging by the response to the group’s previous albums and their fame, it’s anticipated that Cafe Tacuba tickets for their forthcoming concerts will sell out fast. Book yours now.

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