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The American group act Capitol Steps has come to be a known name in standup comedy. They have won over a large number of audiences with their satirical act aimed at governmental officials and celebrities. Daring and wacky their act is known to get big laughs from the audiences. When the group dressed in jackets adorned with the American flags takes to the stage there is a guarantee that it is going to be an entertainment packed performance. 

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They have been recognized with Washington Area Music Award in the ‘Cabaret/Musical Theater Artist’ category three years in a row. Other awards won by the hilarious act include Washington Post’s Best Bets Readers’ Choice Award in the ‘Best Live Theatre category’ and a ‘Best Comedy Club Award’ by the WUSA A-List. Book your Capitol Steps tickets for a live performance by the group. Poking fun at the current happenings and follies the show is sure to have the audiences in stitches.
The group was formed in 1981 by three staffers of Senator Charles Percy’s. These namely Bill Strauss, Jim Aidala and Elaina Newport started off with writing and singing parodies of current affairs in their spare time. The same year the group performed for an office Christmas party which proved to be highly successful. That was just the start and they went on to perform at more shows. Seeing the positive response the three founding members included more people in the group. Starting off with a handful of members, the group has grown to include around over twenty five members. Found by governmental employees, in the start the members were only congress office bearers but later they went on to include professional comedians and singers.  
Capitol Steps also gained mega media interest but given the sensitive nature of their work they avoided limelight. Two years after their formation they started performing regularly at the Shoreham Hotel. These performances generated positive reviews and brought the group even more fame. Later the group went on to perform at various venues around the US. Since 1987 the members have quit their day jobs to perform full time for the group. Capitol Steps Live! at the Shoreham was the first ever album released by the group. Following that they have released over thirty successful comedy albums.
Owing to the group’s popularity they regularly perform special shows on Independence Day, New Year's Eve, Halloween and April Fool's Day. These are broadcast live to a nationwide audience by NPR. The group has also made several appearances on various television networks including PBS, NBC and CBS. These getting them exposure at national level has increased their popularity. This in addition to their show’s high entertainment value has led to high demand for Capitol Steps tickets. Book yours now to be part of their live show which given their reputation is sure to be highly enjoyable.
Primarily the group’s act consists of parodies of famous songs. However, for the live shows short skits are included which are followed by the songs. The routine also includes a word play segment, Lirty Dies. This section drawing from recent happenings includes imitations and ridicule.
Although the group pokes fun at the government and office bearers but that hasn’t stopped them in earning fans from among the governmental officials. Capitol Steps have performed at the White House on numerous occasions. Interestingly former president George Herbert Walker Bush, has joined the group on stage at numerous of their White House performances to sing about his faux pas.
Initially deriving from national politics the group moved in later years to include international politics and affairs in their shows as well. Other than politics their shows also include material on corporate world, showbiz personalities, athletes, British Royalty and much more. Enjoy their live performance at the next Capitol Steps event. The group’s hilarious performance is sure to be highly entertaining.

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