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A woman with many faces, Carol Burnett is in a league of her own! Her ability to bring a smile to her audiences’ faces is unique. Her comic and mimicking skills are rooted in vaudeville. Her acts consist of acting, songs, dances, parodies all wrapped in a comedy package that is so thoroughly entertaining that one can’t resist her shows. So the good news is that this season she is going to hold concerts in numerous cities. Carol Burnett tickets are available in the market now so it is suggested you get hold of some right away.

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Carol Burnett was born in the Texan city of San Antonio. Her parents were already linked to the entertainment industry. Her mother was a movie studio publicity writer and her father was the manager of a movie theater. Burnett spent most of her growing up years with her grandmother as her parents suffered from alcoholism. They divorced when she was quite young and so she moved in with her grandmother in an area near Hollywood. During her school years she invented a twin sister and fooled people living around her. When she won a scholarship to UCLA, she changed her major from journalism to English and theater arts aiming to become a playwright. For theater arts, she had to complete an acting course. That was when she fell in love with acting and stage. She took part in a number of UCLA’s productions and was praised for her musical and comedic talent. Her mother on the other hand did not approve of her ambitions to pursue acting. In the year 1954, Burnett received her big break in the form of a scholarship by a patron at a party where a few students including her were invited by a professor to perform. The scholarship was actually a loan to be repaid in five years. It allowed her to move to New York to pursue a career in musical comedy.
Carol Burnett obtained a minor role in the year 1955 on The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show. She played the role of ventriloquist’s dummy’s girlfriend. She was then cast in the starring role in the sitcom Stanley opposite Buddy Hackett. The sitcom was short lived (1956-57). There were several months of unemployment following the sitcom. Burnett started playing in night clubs and cabarets of New York. She became well-renowned for her a parody act called "I Made a Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles". John Foster Dulles, at that time, was the Secretary of the State. She was asked to perform this act on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show with Jack Paar as the host.  
Success came to Carol Burnett in 1959 when she appeared in the musical called Once Upon a Mattress on Broadway. Immediately after, she joined The Garry Moore Show which she continued with for almost three years. The show won her an Emmy for "Outstanding Performance in a Variety or Musical Program or Series". She played a number of characters on the show. The most famous of her characters was that of a cleaning woman. In 1962, her fame reached newer heights when she gave a special performance with Julie Andrews called Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall and won an Emmy for "Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Music". She started The Carol Burnett Show in 1967. It was an hour long variety show which included parodies of films, television shows, commercials, as well as dances and songs. It was nominated for numerous awards over the years and won Burnett a total of twenty three Emmy Awards. The show ended in the year 1978 but is believed to be last of its kind to achieve such success.
Carol Burnett continues to work in films, television and on stage. She has obtained numerous Golden Globe Award nominations of which she has won a few. She was recently inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her contributions to the entertainment industry are too many to enumerate. She continues to serve the industry and entertain the people with her ability to smile and find humor in every little thing. Be a part of the legend’s concert by purchasing the Carol Burnett tickets as soon as possible.

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