Cedric The Entertainer Tickets

To do stand-up comedy is one thing but to do it so brilliantly that people roll over with laughter at every word you say is an entirely different specimen but have no fear because Cedric the Entertainer is here! Cedric is what his name says, entertainment and that too of the highest hilarious order. He has made a special place for himself in the hearts of millions everywhere with his comic routines and brilliant stage presence. Cedric the Entertainer tickets are all that you need to watch this amazing comedian turn your evening into a fun-filled event.

Stand-up comedy is one of the hardest jobs to pull off. It requires a lot of courage and a lot of talent, both assets that are hallmarks of Cedric the Entertainer. Cedric was born on 24th April 1964. He was born in a family where his father was a railroad worker and mother a school teacher. He was a natural at comedy even during his school days but he wasn’t what is normally called the class clown.
Cedric the Entertainer completed his degree in mass communication from the Southeast Missouri State University. After finishing his studies he got a job in an insurance company but that wasn’t where his heart was. He might not have recognized his God gifted comedy talents but people around him did and on the insistence of a friend he quit the job and took up comedy as a profession.
He took part in the Johnny Walker National Comedy Contest in Chicago and won the whole thing. The success of that competition put him on the road to being a comedian and he started landing gigs in different comedy clubs in the area of St.Louis. These acts increased his thirst to take his career up a notch and for that he knew he will need a bigger stage to perform at. Cedric the Entertainer started to tour various cities and comedy clubs around the country to make his presence felt.
On one of his tour he stumbled across a comedy club in Dallas, Texas. There was no spot available for Cedric to perform but somehow he convinced the management to give him just five minutes. Those five minutes were to start a turn of events that were to provide a platform for him to become Cedric the Entertainer that we know today. His five minute hilarious act brought the roof down. He found out that another comedian Steve Harvey was in the audience and from that day onwards they started a friendship that was to change their lives forever.
Harvey got a show by his name The Steve Harvey Show in 1996 and he invited Cedric to play his friend Cedric Jackie Robinson on the program. That act turned out to be a monstrous hit and now Cedric the Entertainer had the spotlight firmly on him. That role not only made him a household name but also won him three straight NAACP Image Awards as Best Supporting Actor on a comedy series. One other even that helped Cedric’s reputation on the way to becoming a comedy superstar was the 1997 tour called The Kings of Comedy. He shared the stage with big names like Bernie Mac and D.L. Hughley on the tour and sold out arenas everywhere they went.
The dual success of The Steve Harvey Show and The Kings of Comedy tour got the attention of Hollywood and landed him his first movie Comedy Ride in 1998. He landed another role in the Big Momma’s House but his biggest hit as a movie star was the Barbershop in 2002.
Cedric the Entertainer is a real life story of a guy who had the courage to not only see dreams but also fulfill them. His talents have shown through over the years in everything that he has done and that has been one of the reasons fans buy Cedric the Entertainer tickets in droves and turn every event into a truly hilarious occasion.

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