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Born as Elmer Figueroa-Arce in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico on June 28, 1968, Chayanne is a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award-nominated pop singer. The third of five siblings, Figueroa began using the artistic name of ?Chayanne? when he was a little kid. He went and auditioned for Menudo but was turned down due to his age. Not letting the let down bother him, he went ahead and tried out for another named Los Chicos (the boys). He was chosen this time and his meteoric rise to the top began.

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With the group, Chayanne debuted as a singer at ten years of age. Los Chicos gave Menudo good competition by producing several #1 hits, including Puerto Rico Son Los Chicos, and Terremoto and by participating in a movie, Conexi?n Caribe. They became famous all over Latin America causing a true frenzy among the adolescents. Professionally, he has recorded 14 albums/CDs, 5 of these with Los Chicos and 9 others as a solo performer and has sold over 10 million albums worldwide (1 million in Spain).

Chayanne's first album/CD entitled ?Chayanne? was recorded in 1987 with Sony Music International and had hit songs like ?Tu Pirata Soy Yo? (I am Your Pirate), ?Este Ritmo se Baila Asii? (This Rhythm is Danced Like This), and ?Fuiste un Trozo de Hielo en la Escarcha? (You Were a Chunk of Ice in the Frost). Chayane second album/CD for Sony was also entitled Chayanne and included major hits such as ?Fiesta en America? (Party in America), ?Violeta? (Violet), ?Te Deseo? (I Wish) and ?Para Tenerte Otra Vez? (In Order to Have You Again). It was a big hit in the Brazilian market, too as the album was also recorded in Portuguese and got a nomination for ?Best Latin Pop Performance? in the 1989 Grammy awards.

Chayanne?s exclusive worldwide contract with the Pepsi-Cola company was signed in 1989 and his first Spanish commercial came out in United States, Latin America, and Europe during the beginning of the 1989 Grammy Awards. He has also recoded one in English. Apart from his songs like, ?Sangre Latina? (Latin Blood), ?Tiempo de Vals? (Waltz Time), ?Provocame? (You Turn Me On), ?Influencias? (Influences), ?Volver a Nacer? (To Be Born Again) and ?Atado a Tu Amor? (Tied to Your Love), Chayanne is also an actor. He has recorded the soap opera ?Pobre Juventad? (Poor Youth) for Televisa/Mexico and was the star of ?Tormento? (Torment) and ?Sombras del Pasado? (Shades of the Past).

Chayane films include Linda Sara (Pretty Sara) by Jacobo Morales with the ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres; Dance with Me with Vanessa L. Williams. Chayane describes his album Simplemente (Simply) as being simple and positive. The Puerto Rican singer has portrayed a more mature and neat side of his singing career and the album includes one duet with Panamanian Rub?n Blades and another with Spanish songwriter V?ctor Manuel. These are, ?Cuando un amor se va? and ?Qui?n puso m?s,? respectively. The artist isolated himself from everybody and everything during eight months in order to create Simplemente, which he adds, was worth it.

Chayanne is married to Venezuelan Marilisa Maronese, with whom he had a baby who is almost 3 years of age who was named Lorenzo Valentino.

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