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Chicago is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band first came into prominence when they had a streak of hit singles through the 70s and the 80s. The content of their music often involved criticism of politics and the government. They acknowledged the risqué side of their lyrics and music, calling themselves a rock band "with horns". Eventually, their music did take on a softer, ballad driven style, although they did experiment with a number of different styles of rock and roll. Chicago is now amongst the longest running rock bands in history.

As the Beach Boys’ high-flying in the music industry came to an end, Chicago the band took over. They dominated the charts through most of the 1970s. During this time, they sold about 38 million albums in the US alone. Out of these, 8 albums were certified multi-platinum, 18 were certified platinum, and 22 went gold. The band has produced a grand total of 21 hits in the top ten, and five number one albums. Their famous tours have also sold millions of Chicago the band tickets.

Chicago was first formed when Andre Jugo and Marvin Cantera teamed students from different universities to meet at Walter Parazaider’s house. The group included students who would make part time money by playing in local bars and night clubs. It also included some who were studying music. In the end, the group that came together at the apartment was Lee Loughnane a trumpet player, Terry Kath, a guitarist, James Pankow, a trombonist, Danny Seraphine, a drummer, and from Roosevely University, Danny Seraphine, a keyboardist, who was the last to arrive in the group. When they did get together, they named the band "The Big Thing".  Together, they would play and recreate multiple hit singles. It was during their jam sessions that they realized that what was missing from the band was a tenor voice. So far, their vocal range consisted only of the baritone. The missing voice was finally found in Peter Cetera, a bass player from Chicago. 

At last, with the lineup seemingly perfect, the group launched itself into the underground music scene as a cover band. They did achieve a certain amount of success, and began to be noticed for the quality in sound. This is what inspired them to write their own material and try becoming an original band. They realized their true, professional potential and eventually set out to Los Angeles, California to try and break into the music industry. They hustled in LA for some time, performing gigs and talking to different record companies before finally landing a deal with Columbia Records. Now, they no longer called themselves "The Big Thing"; they opted for "Chicago Transit Authority" instead.

They released their debut album with the same name—"The Chicago Transit Authority". They released it as a double album at a time when not a lot of new artists were taking that risk. Their album featured an array of Larin percussions, and instruments more closely associated with jazz music. Their songs had elaborate instrumentals, and were based on guitar abstraction. The album was a success; it was certified platinum by selling more than one million records. The singles of the album also became popular on the radio, particularly the singles, "Questions 67 and 68", "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" and "Beginnings". The first promotional tour gained a lot of attention and a lot of Chicago the band tickets were sold.

During the 70s, their name, "Chicago Transit Authority" was subjected to some legal action. They now had to change their name for a third time. They finally chose the name they will be known as for the rest of their career—"Chicago".

Chicago the band gained even more prominence with their second album, "Chicago". This was again a double album. It became the record that truly launched them as rock and roll superstars. The most notable piece from this era was a suite, "Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon" that James Pankow composed. It was a 13 minute song that had seven parts. The track took a lot of influence from the arrangement style in classical music. This album had two major hit singles: "Make me Smile", and "Color my World".

Now, Chicago the band has reunited with their former producer Phil Ramone to work on a new album. They are also embarking on their first comeback tour in years. The sale for this year’s Chicago the band tickets is already hitting the roof.

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