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Chicago & The Doobie Brothers are two very famous American rock bands, both of which were formed in the late 1960s. Chicago was created in 1967, beginning its career with political energy, while taking an experimental course in which they tried hard to soft tunes, eventually gaining recognition for several of their hit ballads. Through the seventies and eighties, the group produced many tracks that brought them to the forefront of successful rock bands. In terms of Billboard-charting albums and singles, the band seconds The Beach Boys, establishing them to be the most successful and longest performing rock/pop band. The Doobie Brothers too have been a success, selling more than forty million albums all over the globe throughout their years. In 2004 the band was inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame. The sky soaring success of both Chicago & The Doobie Brothers, running parallel through their musical journeys has made the combined act of Chicago & The Doobie Brothers tickets, the subject of town talk dailies among rock fans.

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The two rock bands Chicago & The Doobie Brothers, both began working on new albums recently; Chicago got together with previous producer Phil Ramonein 2010 to make an album that is yet to be released. They released their last album titled Stone of Sisyphus in 2008, after a delay of fifteen years, and includes hit tracks Bigger than Elvis, Sleeping in the Middle of the Bed, Let’s Take a Lifetime, All the Years and The Pull. Released through Rhino Records, it does not include the song originally written in 1994 called Get on This, and the group has not given any reason why. Despite being omitted, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the song is considered to be the most popular among the online fan community. The album however, contains four bonus tracks such as Mah-Jon and Love is Forever. This album peaked at the hundred and twenty-second spot on The Billboard 200 charts in the United States.  The band’s lineup on the album consists of guitarist Bruce Gaitshc, guitarist Sheldon Reynolds, and keyboardist Peter Wolf. Other musicians who contributed to some exclusive tracks on the album include Joseph Williams who did the backup vocals for Let’s Take A Lifetime, Jerry Scheff who played the bass for Bigger Than Elvis and The Jordanaired who sang the backing vocals for Bigger Than Elvis.
Doobie Brothers released their last the album World Gone Crazy in 2010, the chart-topping popularity of which has taken their many fans by storm.  Their thirteenth studio offering, the album debuted on the thirty-ninth spot on Billboard 200, which was the highest position climbed by the group’s songs since 1989. The album features hit tracks such as My Baby, I Know We Won, Law Dogs, Young Man’s Game, Far from Home, A Brighter Day and Nobody. Two of the song feature additional renowned artists, with I Know We Won featuring Willie Nelson, and Don’t Say Goodbye featuring Michael McDonald. The main lineup for this album included Tom Johnston on the acoustic and electric guitars, lead and backing vocals; Michael Hossack on percussion and drums; Pat Simmons on the electric and acoustic guitars, while also doing the vocals; and John McFee on the vocals and a number of instruments such as resonator guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, violin, banjo, percussion and the mandolin. The songs in this album were co-written by Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons. With tracks from their latest albums,  Chicago & The Doobie Brothers are ready to perform live on yet another one of their exciting tours.
Chicago & The Doobie Brothers have both made big commercial successes in their careers; The Doobie Brothers have made several silver, gold, platinum and multi-platinum records, twice producing two-times platinum albums which includes The Captain and Me in 1973 and What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits in 1974.  In fact, in 1978 the group released an album called Minute by Minute, which went three-times platinum.  Likewise, Chicago has made eight multi-platinum, eighteen platinum and twenty-two gold albums, selling a total of more than thirty-eight million records.  You know you do not want to miss the chance of watching the band-twosome, so get Chicago & The Doobie Brothers tickets and be there to witness a legendary performance.

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