The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass Tickets

If you want to experience the full power of different musical instruments combined in a single performance, you have to attend a live orchestra performance once in your life. The best five orchestra companies in the United States include Chicago Symphony Orchestra which is the second oldest symphony orchestra still performing in the country. Having been formed in 1891 the company has firmly established itself as one of the most authentic and elite orchestras in America through years of musical excellence by hiring the best talent in the country to augment the level, caliber and quality of music being composed. The company recognizes the amount of work and effort put in by different musicians performing with them and for this reason is one of the few companies to offer basic salary on a weekly basis and paid holidays. In addition they offer recording guarantees to the musicians who decide to join them.

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The renowned classical music monthly magazine Gramophone recently conducted a survey of the best orchestras in the world and asked musical experts to name their favorites in order to come up with a list of the Top 20 Orchestras in the world. According to their findings Chicago Symphony Orchestra was the fifth best orchestra in the world and way ahead of other orchestras from the United States. This essentially makes Chicago Symphony the number one Symphony Orchestra Company in America. They have a huge and very dedicated fan base and more and more people are always interested in watching them perform live as is evident from the demand for Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass Chicago tickets.
The fact that Chicago Symphony Orchestra originated in Chicago and managed to stay in the same city through all of its history has resulted in the symphonic music company becoming one of the major attractions in the city.  The locals are always taken with their performances and visitors to the city keep an eye out for upcoming performances they could attend whilst in town. The orchestra gained early success in their formative years and became a successful endeavor. By the start of the twentieth century it was felt that the music company would need a permanent home in Chicago and a venue to perform their music and showcase their talent to the public without any hiccups or delays. The Symphony Center was specifically built for this purpose and officially became the home for Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1904.  The Orchestra Hall at the center has a seating capacity for more than two thousand and five hundred people. And to see all those seats occupied by during a concert of Chicago Symphony is common practice. The venue has undergone many refurbishments and renovations over the years primarily aimed at improving the acoustics within the hall so that all the performances of Chicago Symphony Orchestra can be enjoyed without any disturbance.
Performances and concerts featuring Chicago Symphony Orchestra happen all year round with most of their shows happening in Chicago. But over the summer every year the orchestra goes to Highland Park to perform at the Ravinia Festival. Back in 1905 when the Ravinia Park had only been open for slightly over a year the symphony music group performed there for the first time. Until 1936 they would perform there with some regularity every few years. But starting from 1936, it became they started a tradition of performing there every year in summer. And so Ravinia Festival became the summer home for the group.
Interestingly the shows at Ravinia are not always conducted and directed by regular Chicago Symphony conductors and directors. But a lot of the people from the team at Ravina do find employment with the orchestra for the remainder of the year and can progress and develop with them. If you are looking for a great classical music event then there is nothing better for you to attend than an orchestra performance. Get your Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass Chicago tickets now.

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