Chicago Symphony Orchestra Welcome Yule Tickets

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Welcome Yule concert is only a few days away, and the locals are all quite taken with the idea of seeing them perform live in their city. Orchestra music concerts are very popular with people all over the world. These shows are frequented by crème de la crème of the society and are an excellent opportunity to interact with people of refined and sophisticated taste in music. But the one question that always comes to mind is of which orchestra to visit as at the end of the day most of them would be playing the same symphonies from renowned musicians throughout history. The answer is not which symphonies do they play but how they play them.

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As the renowned home of some of the best music directors and conductors in history, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is known for its excellence in symphonic orchestra and they have had years to build this reputation. After an early start in 1891 the group quickly rose to fame with stellar concert performances and excellent caliber and high quality of their music. But for those who still might not be fully sold on the idea of Chicago Symphony Orchestra being an amazing group, they could get a copy of the acclaimed classic music publication Gramophone to consult their list of the best orchestras from around the globe, in which Chicago Symphony Orchestra is placed above all other American orchestra groups. According to the survey conducted by Gramophone Chicago Symphony is among the top five orchestras in the world. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Welcome Yule tickets are available now and selling like hot cakes.
Back in 1891 when the orchestra had just started Theodore Thomas was the music director for the group. It only made sense for him to be the director since he was also the founder of the group. Having been born and raised in Germany, he became a renowned violinist in America. And during his time at the orchestra he established himself as a successful conductor too and became famous for it. He remained with the company until his death in 1905. And much of the earlier success of Chicago Symphony can easily be attributed to him. He was replaced by fellow German, friend and colleague Frederick Stock. Thomas found Stock in Germany and asked him to join his group as a violinist. Impressed with his talent Thomas offered the position of an assistant conductor to him in 1899.  When his teacher, colleague and mentor passed away in 1905, Stock stepped up to fill in his friend’s vacant space. He took the company to completely different and new heights. His association with the group continued till his death in 1942. This makes him the longest serving music directors of the group.
More recently Riccardo Mutti has joined Chicago Symphony Orchestra as a music director after having conducted quite a few shows for the group. There is a general consensus amongst music countries from around the world that Mutti probably is the best classical music conductor alive today.  
The Chicago based orchestra company has a permanent home in the form of the Symphony Center which has served as their home since its opening in 1905. The state-of –the-art concert facility was built specifically for the orchestra.  It has the capacity to hold more than two thousand and five hundred people during completely sold out shows which has kind of become a norm for the group. In recent years the management has took it upon themselves to introduce modern sound technology to the venue and improve the acoustics in the building by employing the services of the best people from the industry. Performances are scheduled for the group throughout the year and there are several performances planned during the next few weeks. Now is your chance to acquaint yourself with high quality classical music. Get your Chicago Symphony Orchestra Welcome Yule tickets now.

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