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Chickenfoot is an American rock band comprising of vocalist Sammy Hagar, drummer Chad Smith, guitarist Joe Satriani, and bassist Michael Anthony. The band has been labeled as a supergroup, which is a term applied to any rock group that consist of performers who are already renowned from having been part of a famous band or for gaining prominence individually. All of the members of Chickenfoot have been part of some major American rock group beginning with Hagar and Anthony both of whom initially played with hard rock group Van Halen, and Smith who performed with the alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Satriani is known to have played the guitar for several groups since 1988 including Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple. His reputation as a professional guitarist has also been long established owing to the fact that he has taught guitar-playing to a number of musicians form other successful American bands such as Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, Counting Crows’ David Bryson, Third Eye Blind’s Kevin Cadogan, Primus/Possessed’ Larry LaLonde, Testament’s Alex Skolnick, and Laaz Rockit’s Phil Kettner, among several others. Owing to such a high profile band lineup, Chickenfoot tickets are considered to be a major treat for rock fans.

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Chickenfoot released its very first, self-titled album in June 2009. Sammy was once prompted to comment on the band’s status of supergroup to which he has said that the members of his band just like each other’s company while music is the incentive. According to the lead vocalist, the members just happen to also be part of other groups at the same time. The group’s logo and name refer to a rather derogatory term that has been used as a synonym to the peace symbol, since it resembles a chicken’s footprint.  Bassist Anthony has said that the name came about as a result of the group’s early jam sessions with Smith, Hagar and himself. The initial group consisted of three members and since chicken’s foot has only three talons, it seemed to fit perfectly with the trio. The group later gained popularity as the Chickenfoot so that the group decided to continue performing under it. The band completed its second album titled Chickenfoot III, released in September, 2011.  
The band performed for the first time in February 2008, alongside Hagar’s concert in The Pearl Concert Theatre at The Palms Casino Resort located in Las Vegas.  Chickenfoot show played a set list of mere three songs including a Led Zeppelin cover of Rock and Roll, Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic and a Los Tres Gusanos’ track called Going Down, which Anthony and Hagar had often performed in their previous band. The group gelled together really well and received encouragement from the audience, which in turn encouraged the musicians to take their combination more seriously and take the next step of band formation.
The first album by Chickenfoot included the single Oh Yeah, which the band performed on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, following which they began touring across America and Europe. The band appeared in another television show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they played hit singles Oh Yeah and Sexy Little Thing. Their debut album, released through Redline Entertainment, hit the fourth spot on US Billboard charts while climbing up the charts of European countries, and in Australia where it went up to the fiftieth place. Their second album, released through E1 Music label, took the ninth place in US charts in 2011. Both albums were reported to have attained the certified gold status in the United States.
Some of the most popular singles by Chickenfoot include Oh Yeah, Soap on Rope, Sexy Little Thing, Get It Up, My Kinda Girl, Big Foot, Different Devil and Three And a Half Letters. Get those Chickenfoot tickets and be there to listen to the blaring guitar riffs, thumping percussion with Hagar’s deep guttural voice screaming My kind of girl, She’s my kind of girl, Yes she’s my kind, my kind, my kinda girl.  

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