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Jazz and pop together complement each other, yes… But the blow and fingers of a trumpeter combines them to deliver a very distinct feel. Here the mere match of the essential ingredients of the genres is not enough; it is the magic and aura it creates. The sound of such a composition lies in the hands of a maestro. A maestro who none other than Chris Botti. An extraordinary trumpeter, Chris has sparkled up the world of jazz with the pop-jazz fusion, delivering the flavour and presentation just right.

The Miles Davis inspired performer from Oregon chose the trumpet to be his lifelong partner. Botti took it along for formal music graduate studies to Indiana University. Under David Baker’s pupil age he performed for Frank Sinatra, Buddy, George Coleman and Woody Shaw. Seeking a career in New York, he was buffed for session playing and viola! The finest of performers, Bob Dylan, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell and Aretha Franklin absorbed his finest sessions for their jazzy acts. Later, Botti played along Paul Simon’s band for five good years.

Emerging as a solo jazz performing artist, Chris Botti commanded over his thematic fusion. Verve recordings his first production house let him shake rock and pop-jazz together in his debut, First Wish (1995). Bruford Levin Upper Extremities, being his more experimental side, brought his fusion act to the OST of Caught (1996). He came back with Midnight Without You (1997) , featuring vocals of Jonatha Brooke and Paul Buchanan. The legend Sting came with his voice to Slowing down the World (1999). Sting helped Botti re-emerged with a facelift that took him to the most prestigious venues for performances, Sting Tuscan Estate, the World Series and the Noble Peace Prize ceremony.

Chris Botti knotted production ties with Columbia where he created more jazzy pop fusions. Out came a lineup of releases between 2001 and 2009, his claim to fame. Night Sessions (2001) saw a shift to a traditional feel of semi-orchestra, draining in Thousand Kisses Deep (2003), Chris landed full on with orchestral jazz sound in When I Fall in Love (2004). Form Love Again: The Duets (2005) a masterful piece of vocal collaboration to Chris Botti Live: With Orchestra and Special Guests (2006), Chris Botti made it big with legendary icons of pop, rock and jazz.

Chris Botti recessed and he made a self discovery. Instead of complying with ongoing commercial themes, he resorted to his very own Italian roots via an Andrea Bocelli partnered Italia (2007) . He resurfaced in 2009 with a glamorously glowing Chris Botti in Boston. The show is regarded his best live act ever; Boston Pops Orchestra and a Celeste of stars, shining with mega stars Yo Yo Ma, Steven Tyler and Sting together with Botti amazed the star gazers. The show and its DVD has awed audiences and fans world over.

.Chris Botti’s highest grossing albums are reviewed as brilliantly performed contemporary smooth jazz acts. However, critics rate his work as a class above the rest emitting vibes, never felt before. His capacity to engage in a wide range of genres into jazz is second to none. His farsighted vision and command over fusion is exemplary for contemporaries like Kenny G, Najee and Richard Elliot.

Night Session, When I fall in Love and Chris Botti in Boston won great critical acclaim. They rightfully peaked the Billboard charts and certified multiple Gold and Platinum. Four of his twelve solo albums topped No.1 on jazz and music charts. The record took his name to an international prominence and made him the highest grossing jazz instrumentalist of all times. Proving his range and versatility, he bagged several Grammy nominations as a solo artist. The XM Nation Award (2005) for the best artist and three Smooth Jazz awards (2003) for Night Session are salutations for his remarkable contribution to entertainment and solely to jazz.

Chris Botti’s mainstream tours began as featured soloist in sting’s Brand New Day tour. A byproduct of this was the Grammy nominated All This Time

(1999) . Since then tours became his life, his tour schedules span over the entire year, covering the expanses of the music world; he is the hottest jazz performer of our times. Chris Botti tickets bring to life the most definitive performances of all time favorites; When I Fall In Love, Seven Days, Emmanuel, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Hallelujah, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You and Time To Say Goodbye . Chris Botti tickets guarantee an unforgettable experience of finest symphonies, collaborations and charm of a true music maestro.

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