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Rock music has been there ever since the evolution of contemporary form of music. This particular genre of music can into formation somewhere around the 50s, and has ever since captivating audiences around the world. One has to develop a certain taste in music, to appreciate this particular genre. For some this music may come off as noise and utter gibberish but for those who appreciate the depth and meaning such music has, the experience and love they have for rock music is indescribable. One of the artists that has been appreciated and acknowledged when talking about this genre is Chris Cornell. Throughout his career, he has been able to capture an ever increasing number of fans worldwide and irrespective of their race, creed, color, cast or nationality. He proved that rock music alone can bring millions of listeners and audiences together with one live concert. Imagine the intensity of such an impact such a simple thing can have on the world and one which you can experience just by buying your Chris Cornell Tickets.

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Chris Cornell was born on the 20 th of July in the year 1964. He has gained immense popularity over the years because of the music that has been created and performed by this individual. This American musician is currently the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Soundgarden and the former lead vocalist of the much acclaimed band Audioslave . He entered the entertainment field back in 1984 and formed the band Audioslave , which was very popular amongst those who appreciate rock music. This band dismantled after which Soundgarden was founded which has gained even more popularity than his previous band. Despite the dismantlement of Audioslave , rock audiences till date, listen to it and appreciate the quality music that was created years ago. Chris Cornell has been appreciated for his immense and strong vocals. He was also recognized for his voice belting through which he can touch difference ranges with so much ease that it is hard to believe.

Chris Cornell founded the band Soundgarden back in 1984, which constituted of a total of three people. By the end of 1990, the band had the same standing in the entertainment field as histories greatest bands of that time such as Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam. This is quite an achievement for the artist. After gaining acclaimed fame and success, Chris Cornell decided to focus on his solo career for almost two years beginning in the year 1998. He started working on his first solo album which was called Euphoria Morning . This album had taken inspirations from Jeff Buckley, a renowned musician of his time. Though his solo album was not as successful as his previous albums, two of his tracks were used as soundtracks of movies namely Sunshower and Mission Impossible 2 . After giving a shot at his solo career, Chris Cornell was contacted by the members of the rock band Rage against the machine after their vocalist retired. Chris Cornell decided to become the lead vocalist and a new band, Audioslave was formed. If you are a true rock music fan, then there is no way you wouldn’t have heard of this amazing band. The band released its debut album named Audioslave in the year 2002, which provided the audiences with great hits still remembered till today which includes the super-hit song Like a Stone . This album gained so much popularity and was so successful that it went platinum thrice in the United States. Their second album was released in the year 2005. This album was also successful and reached number one in the U.S. charts; however, it could not mirror the first album’s success. In the year 2006, the band released its third album Revelations which was inspired greatly by the rock music era of the 60s and 70s. The album also had the tinge of R&B and hip hop added to it, a fusion created by the band members to bring something fresh and exciting for the audiences.

After this album released, Chris Cornell once again decided to give another shot to his solo career in the year 2007. He co-wrote the soundtrack for the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale and spent most of his time meeting and greeting his audiences till his second solo album was released named Carry On. In the year 2010, Chris Cornell announced its reunion with its first ever band Soundgarden and have decided to make appearances and perform with his old band mates.

If you are a true rock fan, then you should definitely not miss the opportunity to see and hear this immensely talented artist live. Go online and buy your Chris Cornell Tickets today to gain the experience of a lifetime.

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