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Chris MacDonalds is a famous Elvis Presley tribute artist and impersonator. As a diehard fan, he dresses up like his idol and honors him by singing some of his best known work with the likes of "A Little Less Conversation", "Hound Dog" and "Heartbreak Hotel". He has converted his shows into a complete touring event by the name of "Chris MacDonalds, Memories of Elvis". In this concert series, he wants to relight the rock n roll fire that Presley let in the music industry. Now, even as the legendry rests, his legacy lives on. MacDonalds is one of many people who want to keep his music alive even 30 years after his death by conducting such shows that help rejuvenate his diverse songbook. So if you wish to be part of a show that celebrates his life and music, buy Chris MacDonalds Memories of Elvis tickets.

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MacDonalds is not new in the tribute business. He has performed various times in the iconic show "Legends in Concert", joining other impersonators in paying respects to all the talented artists that the industry has lost. He had the honor of performing with Presley’s original backup band, "The Jordanairies" as well. Moreover, he is the only Elvis Presley tribute artist to be officiated by the legend’s original enterprise as well. This was earned only by his amazing talent and uncanny ability to capture all that was unique to Elvis. No other tribute singer has risen to the top like him, simply by covering the songs of his favorite artist. Macdonald wants the audiences to be transported back to the 50s and have them feel like Elvis is singing through him.
For seven years, he performed at Elvis Presley’s birthday week and the Elvis week that the icon’s management celebrates each year. From the year 2000 up until 2006, Macdonalds would perform at the "Heartbreak Hotel" in Graceland and put together a brilliant show, performing all Elvis songs requested by the management. He is going to keep up this energy at the Chris Macdonalds, Memories of Elvis, where he promises the complete Elvis experience. No matter what the song, he is going to go full on with the original costumes and background as Elvis did in his music videos so many years before. He will be joined by a team of talented dancers and musicians who will be bringing the true rock n roll energy home with the same vigor and splendor as that of the 50s.
This will be quite a fitting homage to the King of Rock n Roll himself. Elvis, along with being an amazing singing talent, was also all about flash and performance. To this date, he is not only known for his voice and guitar playing, he is known for his image. His quiff, the slicked back hairdo, his sparkly jackets, his high heeled boots, and unique microphone stands are perhaps more known to the average person than his songs. Whether or not you have heard his music, you know of the icon that is Elvis, simply through his signature style. Thus, Chris Macdonalds has not changed anything about his original style. He is paying homage in the truest of senses, and in such a way that the integrity of the original artist is maintained.
A special segment of the show will also be dedicated to Elvis’s Hawaiian roots. The setting and staging of the show will suddenly morph into beautiful colors and floral garlands, all of which are reminiscent of the islands that so inspired the singing legend. An entire era of his career was dedicated to the sound and fashion from the area. He released an album titled "Aloha From Hawaii", which also became his first even global concert. Thus, Macdonalds has worked very hard to recreate the concert that people around the world are aware of. The iconic costumes and setting is rejuvenated, along with all his popular songs from the album.
Perhaps the most popular segment of the show and the unique selling point for Chris Macdonalds Memories of Elvis tickets is the King’s comeback in 1968, also known as his leather era. For this portion of the show, Macdonalds dons black leather and sings the hits that defined Elvis is the later part of his career—"A Little Less Conversation" and "Let Yourself Go" included. This show is recommended to anyone who is a true Elvis fan and wants the full Rock n Roll experience, as pure and unadulterated as it was in the 1950s.

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