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Chris Tucker was born in Atlanta ,Georgia in 1973. He was the youngest of six children, and grew up watching the brilliant comedies of stars like Eddie Murphy and Rob Harris. Chris claims that he watched all their movies and that was his earliest inspiration. He discovered his funny side at a very early age and while still at school he started practicing and showing off his comic routines. His classmates gave him The Most Humorous Award and his teachers also supported him to take his talent forward to the stage level. Soon thereafter he started performing at a small comedy club in Atlanta. The first time he attempted to go on stage, he was stopped because he was not old enough to even enter the club. But he was able to convince the management and his first performance received a tremendous standing ovation. He was so successful that he decided to pursue his career in stand-up comedy and moved to LA to try his luck there. Soon he started performing regularly at the comedy clubs.

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His popularity as promising young stand-up comedian was spreading quickly and in 1992 Chris Tucker got a chance to appear on Russell Simmons's Def Comedy Jam, which was a comic show on HBO. His success in that show got him his first gig in the House Party 3 in 1994. The next year he appeared in the hit movie ‘Friday’ and was acclaimed for his role. In the movie Dead Presidents , starring Charlie Sheen and released in 1995, he played a dramatic role. His next movie was the 1997 The Fifth Element in which he appeared along with Bruce Willis. His performance was considered outstanding and earned him a role in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown .

Chris Tucker was to become a household name with his next movie Rush Hour. This 1998 super hit also starred the international action superstar Jackie Chan. Rush Hour was a No.1 hit for many weeks and recorded the biggest September opening of all time. This success lifted Chris to the status of a superstar. Chris along with Jackie Chan also won the MTV Movie Award for the Best On-screen Duo. At that stage when he was at the height of popularity, Chris Tucker took a three year break and turned down many movie offers. He returned with a bang in 2001 with the sequel Rush Hour 2 , which turned out to be another huge hit and broke box office records. Chris Tucker received a superstar’s pay of $20 million for Rush Hour 2 , thus joining a small group of the biggest Hollywood names like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt to get such a handsome sum of money. This status was achieved after doing just a small number of movies.

Then, once again he disappeared from the cinema screen for six years. In the time he took off between the Rush Hour series, he continued to appear at shows held for charity purpose. In 2002 he travelled to Africa with U2's Bono. There he saw the poverty and disease inflicting the poor. He was deeply affected and established a foundation to help the poor children of Africa. Chris Tucker returned as James Carter in 2007 with the third movie of the series with Rush Hour 3 . Shot in Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong, this movie opened at the No.1 position at the box office and proved to be another hit, reaffirming Tucker’s position at the box office. Chris Tucker performed along with Michael Jackson at his 30th Anniversary Special and also appeared in his 2001 video You Rock My World . He was a close friend of Jackson, and is also good friends with Jackie Chan and the Clintons, and travelled overseas with Bill Clinton.

In spite of the great success of his Rush Hour movies, Chris Tucker continued to perform his stand-up routine. Different comedy clubs, host his stand-up acts which to date remains his foremost passion. Chris Tucker has himself admitted many times that Stand-Up is his life and he would not give it up no matter how successful he becomes in Hollywood. His style is unique, his voice is inimitable and the comedy brilliant. Chris Tucker Tickets will give you a night of unbound laughter and fun. Enjoy!

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