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Rock concert series, Classic Albums Live is an innovative concept in live music. It is a spectacular that celebrates hits by some of the most celebrated names in the history of rock music. Featured artists include several legends and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Appeal of the show also lies in it’s format. The unique performance focuses on an entire album by the selected artist for a single show.

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The concert celebrating the music of the artists is not an impersonation and there are no fancy costumes and wigs to make the musicians look like the actual artists. Focus of the show stays on the music and the reproduction of the original notes. As a bonus, the show also includes a selection of featured artist’s greatest hits at the end of the performance.
Taking care of every detail the musical instruments originally used in the recordings are used for the show as well. In order to recreate the authentic sound of the album, conventional instruments as well as unusual ones like sitars are used in the live performances. Past events have also featured performances by whole orchestras to reproduce the original sound. The efforts to recreate the music have achieved phenomenal results and have earned acclaim for the shows. Book Classic Albums Live tickets to be part of the sensational show that is sure to be memorable.
Mastermind of music producer Craig Martin, the series was established in 2003. The production is based in Toronto, Ontario and has also toured extensively across the US. With a few modifications, lineup of the show features same principal musicians. Also at times various popular artists are featured in the performances.
In the past decade the shows have earned major acclaim for their entertainment value. The concert series includes performances of some of the greatest albums ever in rock music. These include Pink Floyd’s popular album The Dark Side of the Moon. The album stayed in charts for a staggering seven hundred and forty one weeks at the time of it’s release. Still equally popular with music enthusiasts it is ranked among the best selling albums in the world.  Another hit album by the band, The Wall has also been performed as part of the series.
Several compilations by the legendry band Beatles are also regularly included in the concert series. These include The White Album which has come to be one of the greatest albums ever. Among other noteworthy compilations by the group their best selling album Abbey Road has also proved to be highly successful in the concert series.  
Led Zeppelin, another mega name in rock music is also among the artists whose albums have been included in the concert series. Among these is the band’s famous compilation Led Zeppelin IV, which holds the distinction of being the third best selling album ever in the US. Additionally the album has also been ranked at number sixty six among the ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time' by the Rolling Stone Magazine. Other artists whose albums have been featured in the performances include Queen, The Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and many more.
New albums are regularly added to the show. With a variety of artist’s work to choose from, the Classic Albums Live show is sure to have something of interest for everyone. Not only are the concerts a treat for fans of the featured artist but excelling in musical skill and technique they are sure to appeal to all music enthusiast.
Don’t delay book your Classic Albums Live tickets for the show which featuring amazing music is sure to be highly enjoyable. Evergreen music, talented performers and attention to detail all go on to make it a memorable experience.

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