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Every industry that operates in the world of entertainment brings along with it certain accolades which are presented to those who have excelled in their fields by using the extraordinary talents that they are bestowed with. To the performers, there is no feeling better than being recognized on a global scale as one of the best in the business. It is perhaps the greatest honor that they can achieve in their lives. To the world of country music, the Country Music Association Awards or the CMA Awards are the highest level of recognition that a country music artist than achieve. Such is the magnitude and significance of the show that anyone who manages to get their hands on the CMA Award Tickets would consider themselves to be the lucky few who will ever get to see this wonderful ceremony.

The CMA Awards which are also referred to as the CMAs were first introduced to the world in the year 1967. Ever since that time period, it is at times confused with the Academy of Country Music Awards but it just as prestigious in the country music world. The recipients of the awards are chosen through a system of voting that involves only the business members of the Country Music Association. The CMA Awards has its inaugural outing in the year 1967 in the city of Nashville in Tennessee. The Nashville Municipal Auditorium played host for the awards. The show itself was not televised but instead was a very exclusive ceremony. In 1968, the CMA Awards held its second annual ceremony and even though the show was not televised again, it was, however, recorded and broadcasted later for viewing by a large number of country music lovers. In the following year, the CMA Awards were broadcasted to its audience live for the very first time. Television broadcasting rights of the show remained with NBC for three years which ended in 1972 when they were transferred to the CBS network. This partnership too, however, did not last as the broadcasting rights were handed over to the American Broadcasting Company in 2006. The CMA Awards has also seen changes in its venue on a number of occasions. The Ryman Auditorium was one of the first places where the awards were held. This was followed by the Grand Ole Opry House which played host to the awards for a staggering thirty straight years ending in the year 2004. Madison Square Garden has also been honored with hosting the awards and that happened back in the 2005, and from the following year, the awards have been held at the Bridgestone Arena in the city of Nashville.

The CMA Awards recognizes talents based on a number of categories which count to twelve in number. These include the categories which highlights the Entertainer of the year and the best Male and Female Vocalists for the relevant year. The famous Horizon Award was renamed back in the year 2008 to the best New Artist award which is presented to an amateur artist who has rocked the industry with their talents. Other awards that are also presented at the CMA Awards include those that are given to the best band, the best single, the best album, the best song and also the best musician for the year. Apart from these, a total of nine awards are presented to broadcasters of radio stations as well. The National Personality of the Year award is another type of award presented at this glorious ceremony.

Considering the fact that being present at such an exclusive event would send chills down the spine of anyone. There would be no better feeling than knowing that you are surrounded by one of the world’s most gifted talents and you will forevermore become a part of their history. Apart from all the awards that are presented at the show, it also involves a string of performances which includes the nominees of the awards as well as other present and future stars of the business. Some artists are also known for presenting the newest of their songs to the public by playing a little preview in front of the audience.

The CMA Awards is a prestigious event that any music lover would do anything for just to get a chance of going to the memorable show. Considering its exclusivity, getting a ticket is quite a feat. Get your CMA Award Tickets today to ensure that you will be present to witness this mesmerizing night before all of the tickets run out.

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