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The Coachella music festival is one of a kind musical event which is renowned for the diversity of musicians in their range and scope who come to perform during the three days of the festival. And with the Coachella 3 day pass, you can witness what the festival is all about first hand. Unlike most other music festivals it is not just specific to a particular music genre but is known to feature different music genres like pop, rock, hip hop and electronic among others. One thing which is different between Coachella and other festivals is that it features more than one stage for the fans to choose from. There is the main stage, the Outdoor Theatre, Mojave Tent and the Sahara Tent.

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Due to the fact that the location for the event is within a desert, and during daytime it is common for temperatures to run very high most of these stages are inside tenets, but for sun lovers there are open stages as well they can go and visit. The best thing about the three day festival is the outdoor camping options available to the visitors of the event. The camping grounds which are adjacent to the event grounds feature state of the art facilities for campers to have ease of living whilst they are there. There is a general store to do your shopping from, showers, specially dedicated stations to charge mobile phone, free WiFi zones and internet cafes to do your browsing and stay connected with friends and family.  But to be able to take advantage of all of these things you should get the Coachella 3 day pass tickets.
Right from the very start the organizers of the Coachella Festival knew they wanted an event that would set the standard for music festivals in the United States. For this purpose they decided to combine music performances by top musicians in the country with exhibition and display of art pieces by some of the best contemporary artists in United States. Additionally there are gigs featuring most promising up and coming singers. A look at the past performers at Coachella reveals that each day of the event promises new excitement and nonstop music to music lovers in America.  For this purpose the Coachella 3 day pass is a must for all those who do not want to miss out on any of the festivities happening at the festival site.
In its very first year the organizers convinced a lot of bands to be a part of the show, and popular names like The Chemical Brothers, A Perfect Circle, Super Furry Animals, Moby, Rage Against The Machine and MC Dynamite. 2001 saw The Chemical Brothers return to the festival. Other highlights that year included Iggy Pop, The Roots, Mos Def and Fatboy Slim. The next year saw Bjork and Foo Fighters come to Coachella for the first time. The Strokes also made at an appearance at Coachella this year. And both Mos Def and The Chemical Brothers returned again.
In 2003, the organizers hit a real jackpot when they convinced the Blue Man Group to come to Coachella and bring their own brand of music and entertainment to the festival. The extremely successful and popular performance group took the outdoor theatre for their performance, and was joined on that stage by Black Eyed Peas and Talib Kweli. The main stage had such popular artistes as Beastie Boys, The Hives and Red Hot Chillie Peppers. In the next few years groups like Radiohead, The Section Quartet, Muse, Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol and Nine Inch Nails performed at Coachella.
In 2006 the news that Madonna would be performing at Coachella leaked on the internet long before the Coachella tickets went on sale, and the popularity of the event increased manifold with everyone wanting to attend. In the following Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Kanye West, Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, Mika, Vampire Weekend, Prince, Paul McCartney, Noah and the Whale, Jay-Z and Duran Duran performed in front of excited fans at the three day music festival.
This is a wonderful opportunity for all music lovers to escape to a musical haven inside a desert where some of the best musicians in the world will be performing music for three days consecutively. Get Coachella tickets for your chance at fun, excitement and lots of music now.

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