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The rock band emerging from Berkeley, California, Counting Crows was founded in 1991. The band rose to mainstream attention right after their debut album release by the name August and Everything After in 1993. The album sold above 20 million records all over the globe and aced their first ever Academy Award nomination the following year for the song titled ‘Accidently in Love’. The song was later included in the film Shrek 2. ‘Mr. Jones’ was the first single produced by the band from their debut album.

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Counting Crows is known to be focusing on alternative rock genre of music mostly even though they have drawn their influence from The Band, Nirvana, R.E.M., Van Morrison, Mike + The Mechanics, and Bob Dylan. The band still has its founding members; however, a few of them have left. The current composition of band members consists of Millard Powers, David Bryson, Dan Vickrey, Jim Bogios, Adam Duritz, David Immergluck, and Charlie Gillingham. The lead vocalist Adam Duritz, and guitarist and producer of the band David Bryson are the actual founders of the band.
The band started off their career with duo acoustic performances and gigs all around San Francisco and Berkeley with another guitarist friend, Immergluck joining them on and off. The band soon started to take form with another bunch of performers joining it and completing the band as Counting Crows. Immergluck had still not joined the band as a permanent member and was experimenting with other musicians of the time but participated in a few songs of the band’s debut album. A year after the band was properly formed and in action, they signed to Giffen Records and released their debut album.
Counting Crows believed in tour promotion since the beginning. They took off for a huge promotional tour for their debut album in 1994, serving both as supporting artists and lead band. Other artists that the band played with during that tour include Midnight Oil, Suede, Crackers, Jellyfish, the Cranberries, and Los Lobos. Counting Crows managed to secure positive reviews of their debut album and the promotional tour in the Rolling Stone Magazine. The same year, band also gave appearances on television shows like Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.
Remaining a little low for the next year, Counting Crows managed to pen down songs for their second album, Recovering the Satellite (1995). The second album exceeded the expectations of the fans and gained a lot more popularity when compared to the debut album. Subsequently, the band took off for another promotional tour. However, the second album had a lot of controversial lyrics which caught the attention of critics. The third album released in 1999 by the title This Desert Life experienced bombastic sales with two of the songs of the album being used in the movie ‘Cruel Intentions’. The guest guitarist of the band, Immergluck also joined the band permanently after the band was in the spotlight giving closing performances at almost all the gigs and concerts they participated in.
After years of constant touring, Counting Crows finally started working on their fourth studio album, which was released in 2002 by the name Hard Candy. The album included the cover of "Big Yellow Taxi" and gained appreciation more than any of their previous albums. It produced several songs reaching peak numbers on radio stations such as "American Girl" featuring Sheryl Crow.  After the success of their fourth album, Counting Crows produced live and greatest hit albums for a long time before coming up with their fifth studio album (2008), Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. The album took the band to another level creating a high demand for Counting Crows tickets in the market.
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