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The Cranberries are a Limerick-based Irish rock group, which initially called itself The Cranberries Saw Us, when it was formed in 1989. The band’s current lineup comprises of Dolores O’Riordan on lead vocals, Noel Hogan on guitar, Fergal Lawler on drums, and Mike Hogan on bass. The group’s sound is mostly categorized as alternative rock, while it is also combines elements of indie pop, pop rock, Irish folk, and post-punk. They first gained prominence in early 1990, on the release of their debut album that became an instant commercial success, with more than five million albums being sold in the USA alone. The band is counted among some of the biggest rock groups of the 1990s and has sold more than fifteen million copies within USA. Cranberries have accomplished skyrocketing popularity with four albums getting listed in the top 20 on the charts of Billboard 200,  which include the albums No Need to Argue, Bury the Hatchet, To the faithful Departed and Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?. Also eight of their tracks have been spotted on the top 20 singles on the charts of Modern Rock Tracks; these include the songs Linger, Zombie, Dreams, Ode to My Family, Salvation, Ridiculous Thoughts, Promises and Free to Decide. Their thought provoking lyrics and intense music have attracted a huge audience from among the younger crowds who consider The Cranberries tickets to be a rare treat.
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Siblings, Noel and Mike originally formed the band of The Cranberries alongside Niall Quinn as the lead vocalist and Fergal Lawler while still living in Ireland. Quinn left the group in a few months so that the other band members had to advertise for a new female vocalist. O’Riordan auditioned for the spot by creating melodies and lyrics to some of the band’s demos. The group loved her version of Linger and decided that she should join. The band then set out to make more demo tapes, of which the initial batch sold three hundred copies. The group received positive responses and was soon made offers from several recording companies among which it chose Island Records. The y suffered a little due to their then manager Gilmore, later hiring Geoff Travis instead with whom the band went back to the recording studio in 1992 to begin working on their LP. In the meantime the group toured through the Uk and Ireland, becoming a frequent subject for the British press.  

The Cranberries then started releasing their earliest singles with Dream coming out first, in 1992 followed by their debut album in March the next year.  The band again undertook another tour in support of Suede, which brought them to the attention among MTV shows that began telecasting their videos very frequently. Their single Linger, released in early 1993 in the UK climbed up to the seventy-fourth spot, and went even higher till the next year when it was spotted in the fourteenth place. Another single Dreams released in1994 right away took the twenty-seventh spot, which in turn played quite a role in promoting their debut album to the number one spot on the album charts in UK. This made Cranberries one of the top five artists to accomplish entering chart positions another time.

By the time The Cranberries released their second studio album they had already attained mainstream popularity. With No Need to Argue they produced an even more distinct sound and the sophomore record emerged on the sixth spot in US charts, continuing to rise higher than the first album. In less than a year, the album attained the status of three times platinum owing to their number one song Zombie and eleventh track Ode to My family in Modern rock Tracks. Through 1995, the group continued touring while also releasing two singles titled Ridiculous thoughts and I Can’t Be With You.  As result the album went five time platinum across Canada, seven times platinum across the USA and one time platinum in Switzerland.

The Cranberries members have taken on solo careers since 2003, but reunited in early 2009 for a tour across Europe and North America. The group recorded a new album called Roses while in Toronto with their longtime producer Stephen Street. If you are a big fan of the 90s music then you should surely get The Cranberries tickets since they will bring you the epitome sounds of that era.

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