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The nineties’ Grunge and the later Post Grunge eras of music were celebrated and are remembered with names like Nirvana, Pearl jam, SoundGarden, Temple of the Dog, Alice and Chains. However, the Post Grunge progression never stopped and keeps marching even today. Thanks to Creed that has kept the spirit of grunge alive even today. Creed’s existence and impression remained overshadowed by mainstream and commercial grunge outfits of the time. However, even in the existence of legendary names of Kurt Cobain, Eddie Veddar and Chris Cornell, Creed slowly and gradually managed a niche for itself.

Originating as the Naked Toddler, this band hailed from Tallahassee entered hey days of grunge as Creed. Front man and lead vocalist Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips completed the initial lineup. They bands struggled in the early years playing at underground performances and gigs. They later resorted to the idea of an independent release and hence created the label Blue Collar Records. Under this umbrella, Creed engaged itself in simple hearty lyrical ventures and creating commercially appealing rock inclined grunge music. The resultant songs went to the debut self release My Own Prison.
This 1997 studio effort by Creed was eventually re-mastered and re-released under the label Wind-Up Records. My Own Prison’s original and remix versions vividly advocated Creed’s stance. It was purely blue-collar rock carrying hues all grungy and baggy. Creed was initially regarded as a mock baritone of Eddie Veddar’s and Chris Cornell’s vocals carrying an overall traditionalist grungy look, feel and sound. However the band excelled in combining high quality vocals, sweeping lyrics and authentic compositions together.  The underlying angst of rock was there, all very clear.
Creed was delivering a multidimensional monotone that was completely sweeping. The band became a hot favorite of million rock lovers in a very short span of time.  While Scott Stapp’s deep vocals and Mark Tremonti’s guitar won a clan of Creed lovers; their soft verses in their signature loud chorus wrapping  made vivid artistic impressions in mainstream music. The album My Own Prison was phenomenal as it capitalized on the never dying love for grunge and nostalgia of an era. Its popularity was immense and the album took a year to win an RIAA multi-platinum certification.
With a rather inspirational chords and tone and impressionist in the Post grunge movement, Creed has consistently complied to the simplistic grunge sound. These distinct elements were present in Creed’s next album Human Clay (1999). A heavy wrap of music and emotional manifestation of life and love, the alum stirred huge waves with monster hits. The album became the sixtieth biggest selling albums of all times. These experimental directions lead them to further stardom where Creed predominated as a hit grunge rock outfit in mainstream music. However, critics consistently remained skeptical of Creed’s originality and underlying spiritual overtones.  
Human Clay’s support tour and the release of Weathered (2001), marked the first breakup of the band. Although the album aced commercially it suffered versatility and freshness. The first compilation album by Creed, the Greatest Hits (2004) came out in the turbulent times. However, this compilation couldn’t streamline things and the band members parted ways to explore solo ventures. The second breakup kept the band apart for seven years. In 2008 the band reunited to work on their fourth album Full Circle that was released in 2009. The band reunited with the original lineup intact and works on two pipelined projects which include a single effort and the fifth studio release.
While band members Tremonti, Marshall, and Phillips became part of band Alter Bridge, they continue to support the band as a touring team. Scott Stapp and Tremonti also purse their solo career in parallel to Creed and are working on solo and acoustic albums. Stapp has been collaborating with the legendary the Kiss, Down with Webster and Fefe Dobson on live tours and is extending his experience by lending versatility and variety to Creed’s upcoming studio effort.
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