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After almost four decades of the super band, Crosby Stills & Nash still continue to amaze and entertain their fans with the string of their highly anticipated live performances. As a trio, the group played its very first concert together at the Woodstock Festival and since then the group members continue to share their creative musical journey during which they have given numerous hit singles and albums to the world. All three members of the group have been inducted in Rock N Roll Hall of Fame twice. Apart from being members of Crosby Stills & Nash (CSN), all three group members have their own well celebrated solo career as well. Moreover, the group members have also been inducted in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame; both as a part of the group and as solo acts as well.

Occasionally, CSN is also joined by Neil Young, making it a four piece super band. With years of experience of live performances behind their backs, Crosby Stills & Nash heads on out for yet another run for those who can’t get enough of seeing them perform live. And since their upcoming concert is expected to sell out soon, the time is right to be getting your Crosby Stills tickets.
Prior to becoming a part of the group all three members of the group; David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash; played in some other high profile bands. David Crosby was a part of a famous folk rock group called The Byrds, but later as the things started going south between Crosby and the band members, he was fired from the band later in 1967. Stephen Stills on the other hand played alongside the Buffalo Springfield and by 1968, Buffalo Springfield also fell apart due to some personal issues between the members. Around that time, Graham Nash played with one of the acts from British Invasion called the Hollies.
The trio performed with each other for the very first time at a party in 1968, when Nash asked Crosby & Stills to perform a live version of Stills’ song called You Don’t Have to Cry. As the duo performed, Nash also improvised with his vocal harmonies, and as the three jelled together, the trio realized of the vocal chemistry that existed between them. Later as Nash also grew frustrated over some creative issues with the Hollies, he also decided to quit the band and join Crosby and Stills. The trio decided to use their own surnames for the name of the groups in order to ensure the freedom of pursuing solo projects and not being bound by a group format. After formation, the group also scored a record deal with Atlantic Records.
The trio made its debut with the release of an album called Crosby, Stills & Nash which hit the music stores in May 1969. The album turned out to be an instant commercial hit and also featured two Top 40 hits. After the incredible amount of commercial success of the debut album, the group had a dire need of a fourth group member for live concert tours. Several additions and subtractions were seen in the band’s lineup until finally Neil Young joined the lineup as the Keyboardist. With Young’s addition to the lineup, the group recorded its second studio album called Déjà vu and released to massive commercial success, charting three hit singles.
After that the group went on to work on their solo projects, and all four of them released their separate solo albums. All four solo albums turned out to receive critical acclaim in their own right, and chart hit singles as well. After Déjà vu the group has released a total of six more of the studio albums, the latest of which was Looking Forward that came out in 1999. All through that time, the group has been performing live on and off, and for a limited time only Crosby Stills & Nash comes out for yet another live performance that you can catch with Crosby Stills tickets.

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