Daniel O'donnell Tickets

More commonly known as Wee Daniel, Daniel O’Donnell is no stranger to his larger number of followers in his home country of Ireland as well as United Kingdom. O’Donnell enjoys popularity without bounds in Ireland, both as a singer and a philanthropist. Over the years, he has grown up to be a common household name in Ireland while having some success in Australia and United States as well. O’Donnell has also accomplished the feat of being a musician that had a different music album in the UK’s Albums chart for each year, for twenty five straight years. Apart from his success as a recording artist, his stage presence is well praised as well when it comes to his live concerts. His on-stage charisma energetic & engaging presence on stage, keeps his fans coming back for more. Daniel O’Donnell tickets attract a large number of his fans each time he heads out to perform live on a concert tour. Over the decades, O’Donnell has managed to sell well over ten million albums and is well known for his tenor vocals. His popularity in Ireland is unprecedented, and his talents as a musician are to be experienced just to be believed.

Although O’Donnell had a flair for music at an early age but still he initially thought of taking banking as his chosen profession. While he was a teenager, O’Donnell performed locally with his sister’s band that had already been successful in Ireland, apart from singing alongside the local choir. As he performed alongside the band, O’Donnell wasn’t given enough space to be able to perform solos, which is why he decided to record his own solo album. In 1983 he recorded and released his first single called My Donegal Shore originally by Johnny McCauley. He financed and sold all the copies himself and later formed his own band by the name of Country Fever. Shortly after Country Fever broke up, he formed yet another group and called it The Grassroots. Later in 1985, O’Donnell was introduced to Sean Reilly by Mick Clerkin, and to date, Sean Reilly remains to be O’Donnell’s current manager. With Reilly as his general manager, O’Donnell started to perform and sell venues out in England and toured allover extensively.
By the mid of the 90s, Daniel O’Donnell had become a common name in the popular media of both the United Kingdom and Ireland. Later on, he also scored various television show appearances in both countries and also took home several awards. In 1989, O’Donnell was also crowned as the Donegal Person of the Year. Also in the same year, he also claimed Irish Entertainer of the Year, a feat that he repeated in 1992 and 1996 as well. O’Donnell hit the mainstream popularity in United Kingdom back in 1992 with his hit single called I Just Want to Dance With You. Later on he also appeared in Top of the Pops. During his journey through success, O’Donnell has also worked and collaborated with various other artists including a famous Irish singer Mary Duff.
For his work and his contributions to the music industry, Daniel O’Donnell was also awarded with the honorary Membership of Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. In 2011, he also accomplished the achievement of being the first musician to have an album charted on UK charts for twenty four consecutive weeks. O’Donnell is also well known for being warm and welcoming to his fans. He almost always haves a meet and greet session with his fan by the end of his live performance. Daniel O’Donnell keeps on touring and performing live extensively all through the year, and when he comes about your hometown this year, make sure you catch him live with Daniel O’Donnell tickets. 

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