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A celebrated country musician, Darryl Worley has enthralled and mesmerized millions around the world with his passionate work and exciting music. The American born artist has been spreading his influential music for over a decade winning numerous hearts and praises. His music has been an inspiration for not only fans but also his contemporaries. Worley continues his thrilling journey as he gears up for the release of another album that will mark his seventh studio release. He has managed to produce six chart-breaking albums that have peaked high on renowned charts. His albums include "Hard Rain Don’t Last" (2000), "I Miss My Friend" (2002), "Have You Forgotten?" (2003), "Darryl Worley" (2004), "Here and Now" (2006) and "Sounds Like Life" (2009). His 2003 album "Have You Forgotten?" was certified Gold Status for selling over half a million copies in US. Worley also managed to produce smash hit singles including number one hits "Awful, Beautiful Life" (2004), "Have You Forgotten?" (2003), and "I Miss My Friend" (2002). Out of eighteen hit singles that managed to break on Billboard charts, nine reached the Top 40 spots, marking Worley’s success as one of the top country musicians. Witnessing Worley perform live is a fascinating and pleasurable sight. By acquiring Darryl Worley tickets, the fans can make sure to catch the celebrated country musician deliver another riveting and ecstatic live performance for a memorable experience.

Born in Memphis Tennessee during 1964, Darryl Worley’s family moved to Pyburn, where Worley was raised. His father was a Methodist preacher and his mother was a church choir singer. Darryl Worley pursued a degree in chemistry and biology from the "University of North Alabama." Before pursuing music as a career, he worked in a chemical industry. He also worked at "FAME Studios" as a writer. Worley’s earliest work as a songwriter includes a track on the debut album of "Archer/Park" released in 1994. In 1999, DreamWorks Records signed Worley that resulted in the release of his debut single in 2000 "When You Need my Love" that peaked at number fifteen on Billboard country charts. The debut single was followed by his second release "A Good Day to Run," which peaked at number twelve on Billboard surpassing his first single. Two more singles "Second Wave," and "Sideways," were released from his debut album "Hard Rain Don’t Last." 
In 2002, Darryl Worley released his second album "I Miss My Friend" that became his first number one hit on country charts. The album brought Worley under the limelight, and he won numerous accolades and praises from his fans as well as critics. His determination and hard work continued to pay off and his third release "Have you Forgotten?" (2003) proved to be even more successful when it charted at number one on US Country charts and number four on Billboard 200. The album produced the hit single "Have you Forgotten" that peaked at number one position on US Country charts and remained there for seven weeks. The album was certified Gold Status and it sealed Darryl Worley as one of the top country musicians.  His third self-titled album included his third number one single "Awful, Beautiful Life," co-written by "Harley Allen." Two more albums have been released including 2006 album "Here and Now," and the most recent "Sideways" released in 2009.
Darryl Worley has reached the heights of stardom with his eminent and splendid contribution in music. His unique style and charming persona has sent masses into frenzy and his live performances are an eagerly awaited event amongst his loyal fans. Worley is renowned for his electrifying stage presence and power packed live acts that grip the crowd for a miraculous musical ride. Worley has also won several award nominations including five American Country Music and Country Music Association Awards for "Single of the Year" and "Song of the Year," amongst other categories. He continues his journey as a vital part of modern day music structure, pushing the limits and boundaries to reshape the way we listen to music. His efforts as a progressive country musician have been praised and hailed by numerous critics and artists. By grabbing Darryl Worley tickets, the audience can indulge in a magical journey filled with powerful and captivating music delivered by the vibrant and charming country music for an unforgettable musical ride.

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