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The UK singer and songwriter to make it big in the American music industry, David Gray is one talented guy. He has carved a niche in music with his folk rock and alternative rock music. Rock the concert floor with him with your David Gray tickets this season!

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David Gray grew up in the town of Pembrokeshire in Wales. After attending the University of Liverpool, Gray began paving his music career. His first album was released in 1993. It was called A Century Ends. It reached 144th position on the UK charts. His second album was released a year later. It was named ‘Flesh’. It reached the 152nd position on UK charts. Though these albums brought little commercial success, they earned Gray popularity in the circles of folk-rock lovers.  His third album called Sell, Sell, Sell was released in 1996. It was a little different from the first two. It was a more mature effort of his trademark amalgamation of rock, folk and electronics. It reached the ninety-second position on the UK charts. It received critical acclaim. Its popular song which received airplay on radio stations is "Late Night Radio".
Commercial success finally came his way in 1998 with his fourth studio album called White Ladder. It was released by his own label named IHT Records. It sold a hundred thousand records in Ireland alone making it the best selling album of the country to date. It remained on the number one spot for six weeks. Its popular songs which remain his most well-known songs include "This Year's Love", "Sail Away", "Babylon" and "Please Forgive Me". The latter reached number five on UK Singles Chart which is the highest charting for Gray’s song. However, all the singles released except for "Please Forgive Me" reached the top 20 of UK charts.  ATO Records released in the United States. It remains David Gray’s highest grossing album so far. It has gone nine times platinum in the United Kingdom and platinum in the United States.  It topped the UK Album Charts and held the spot for a time span of two years and five months.
In 2001, David Gray released two compilation albums called The EPs 1992-1994 and Lost Songs 95-98. They include his earlier works and some unreleased songs. The latter received gold certification in the UK. He recorded another studio album which he released towards the end of 2002. It was called A New Day at Midnight. It topped the UK charts. It sold almost a hundred and fifty copies in the very first week of its launch. It was declared among the top-grossing albums by UK artists of the year, second only to Will Young’s (winner of Pop Idol) debut From Now On.  It has since been certified three times platinum in the UK and gold in the US. Its songs which reached the Top 30 are "Be Mine" and "The Other Side".  
After this, David Gray took a hiatus and stayed away from the public eye for three years. In 2005, he finally released his fifth studio album titled Life in Slow Motion. In its first week, it reached the number one spot on the UK albums. Its single "The One I Love" featured in the UK Top 10. It has been certified two times platinum in the UK and gold in Australia. This was followed two compilation albums in 2007 called Shine: The Best of the Early Years and A Thousand Miles Behind. In 2009, his new album Draw the Line came forth. It reached number five on UK charts and was certified gold in Ireland. His last album to be released to date is ‘Foundling’ which came out in 2010.
David Gray has toured the world and held concerts in numerous cities. When performing live, he is backed his own band which consists of Rob Malone, Neill MacColl (both guitarists), Keith Prior (drummer) and Tim Bradshaw (keyboardist).
David Gray has the ability to involve the audience in his singing. His songs have meaningful lyrics and catchy music. Watch him perform live with your David Gray tickets!

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