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Demi Lovato is a celebrity most popular with the younger generation of today. Born in the year 1992, she is an American singer and songwriter. Apart from that she is also known for her works as an actress who started her career when she was just a little child. If you were a fan of Barney, you would know that Demi Lovato starred in it along with her childhood friend Selena Gomez. She gained popularity when she starred in the Disney movie Camp Rock along with the teenage heart throbs the Jonas Brothers. In the Camp Rock movies, she played the role of an unpopular girl at a summer camp, who had immense love for music and this movie shows how her musical journey, along with other aspects of her life, starts from this summer camp.

Demi Lovato was born on 20 th August 1992, in Dallas, Texas and her mother is a well known country artist of the area, which clearly shows that she has a musical descent. At the subtle age of 7, she started playing the piano and starred in the hit show Barney and Friends. As a child she was bullied in school and tortured due to which she later on became a spokesperson for Anti-bullying organization and appeared on CNN and America’s next top model to speak against bullying of children in schools and at their homes as well. Demi Lovato starred in her first ever sitcom in 2009, in which she played the lead role. It was called Sunny with a chance and it was a Disney Channel production. Moreover, she along with her childhood friend Selena Gomez starred in another Disney movie, known as the Princess Protection Program which was very famous amongst the teenage masses. She gained much of her fame and popularity through the Disney channel and is now a known figure and celebrity. Alongside singing and acting, Demi Lovato is also a model and a dancer and her dancing skills can be clearly seen in the musical movie Camp Rock, in which she has performed on a number of songs along with the Jonas Brothers.

Apart from all this, Demi Lovato is also an activist and is involved in philanthropic activities. She has involved herself in charity work and has worked for quite a few social and environmental causes proving that she is also willing to give back to the community who loves and appreciated her work. Coming to her musical career, Demi Lovato is a solo artist who released her solo debut album in the year 2008. This album was called Don’t Forget and as her acting work, her musical compositions also appeal to the younger lot. Her debut album ranked number 2 on the Billboard charts, which is quite an achievement for someone as young as her. She released her second album in the year 2009 which ranked number 1 on the Billboard charts. This album was named Here We Go Again . Coming to her third album named Unbroken , which was recently released in September 2011.

Demi Lovato has gone through a lot of personal struggles in her life and in several interviews has confirmed that she was receiving treatments for bulimia and self injury. During those treatments, she was also diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and has been receiving treatments for all of these problems. In the year 2011, she decided to leave her show and move away from her acting career, and start working more on being a better musician. In her latest album, Demi Lovato stated that she her inspirations were Rihanna and Keri Hilson. Considering this, one can expect the fusion of pop, hip hop and R&B in her latest album. When talking regarding her acting career, apart from the main highlights that everyone knows about Demi Lovato has also appeared on various sitcoms and soaps as a guest actor. In the year 2006, she made a guest appearance in Prison Break and Split Ends . In the following two years, she was seen in As the bell rings and Just Jordan . She was also seen in the hit television series Grey’s Anatomy for which she also received the favorite TV guest star award from People’s choice awards.

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