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Diana Krall is one of the most successful and sought-after singers and pianists in the world. She has been right there at the top of music for the best part of more than two decades and doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. She has been a huge hit everywhere around the world and has developed a hardcore fan base that buys Diana Krall tickets for every single one of her performances.

Diana Krall was born on 16th November 1964 in Canada. She belonged to a musical family where her father was a piano player and her mother was a choir singer. Her upbringing in a musical family exposed Diana to the beauty of music at a very early age. Her education thus started from her own home and she was playing a piano when she was only four years old. She then went on to become a member of her high school’s jazz band that further honed her skills. By the time she was fifteen Diana Krall was playing jazz in various local restaurants. Her music talents and skills earned her a musical scholarship at the famous Berklee College of Music during the start of the 1980’s. She then re-located to Los Angeles to play jazz sessions for three years and from there she moved back to her native Canada.
Diana Krall then moved to the New York City in 1990 and started to play and sing on a small scale. She released her first album Stepping Out in 1993 and followed that up with her second album Only Trust Your Heart two years later in 1995. This was the time when Diana’s talents were being recognized without too much success but all that changed spectacularly with the release of her album When I Look in Your Eyes in 1999.
When I Look in Your Eyes was Diana Krall’s fifth album and turned out to be a case of fifth time lucky for her. The album was the end of her struggles and the reward for all the hard work and perseverance she had shown over the years. It was an international bestseller. It created history when it was nominated for Album of the Year award thus becoming the first jazz album to get the coveted nomination in over quarter of a century. The album also won the award for the Best Jazz Vocal.
Diana followed that up with a stunning performance at the Lilith Fair the next year and her songs started to headline some of the biggest TV shows and movies. 2001 was the year she released The Look of Love. That album topped was an even bigger hit and topped charts everywhere. The sales rocketed through the roof and it became the first album by a Canadian Jazz artist to become quintuple platinum in Canada. It was rated by Billboard as one of the top five albums of that decade. Her next album was The Girl in the Other Room which was co-written by her husband Elvis Costello and was a huge hit as well. It was given the number seven place by Billboard in the list of Jazz Albums of the Decade. She has kept the hits coming with her next albums Christmas Songs, From This Moment On and Quiet Nights. She has also released three DVD’s showing three of her most amazing concerts.
Diana has sold a staggering fifteen million albums around the world and has been rated as the second best jazz artist of the last decade. On top of that Diana Krall is the one and only jazz artist who has eight albums debuting at the top of the Billboard charts. Her immense success can be judged from the fact that she is the recipient of three Grammys thus making her one of the biggest names in jazz.
Diana Krall is a legend in not only jazz but the music industry itself. From a humble beginning and a low key start she has gone on to become one of the most celebrated artists of all time. Her performances have been sell-out occasions everywhere around the world which is a true indication of how highly she is rated. So, fans if you want to be a part of a mesmerizing evening in the company of this sensational artist all you need are Diana Krall tickets to go and watch her perform live. 

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