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Known as the Queen of Country Music, Dolly Parton has been active for more than five decades now. When it comes to country music, Parton has given numerous amounts of hits that have earned her the fans’ appraisal over time. With twenty-five number one singles to her name, Dolly Parton stands as one of the most successful female country musicians. And in addition to that, she also holds the record for having forty one albums which charted in top ten on Albums Chart. Dolly Parton is also one of the only two country musicians, who have had number one singles; one each for consecutive four decades.

Parton had a flair for singing from her early ages. She started performing at various children’s and radio shows back when she was a child. She also started appearing on the Cas Walker Show by the time she was just nine years of age. Parton initially gained exposure as a song writer. She wrote two top ten hits with her uncle Bill Owens. In 1965, Parton signed a record deal with Monument Records as a bubble gum pop singer. The following year, the record label agreed that they’ll let Parton jump into the country genre after the song that she wrote, "Put it Off Until Tomorrow", took the #6 spot on the country music chart. In 1967, Parton released her first country single titled "Dumb Blonde", which peaked at #24 spot on country music chart. After release of another single, Parton finally released her debut full length album called Hello, I’m Dolly.

In 1967, Parton had a major break when she replaced Norma Jean on the Porter Wagoner Show as a regular singer. After the audience finally accepted Parton as a new regular singer, Wagoner also helped Parton in getting a record deal with RCA Victor. Later on, Parton performed a duet with Wagoner which was released in late 1967. The single also reached the top ten on the country chart, hence launching the duo’s uninterrupted streak of top ten singles which lasted for six years. Parton’s first solo single after signing up with RCA records was "Just Because I’m a Woman", which ended up being a mediocre hit. However after that, none of her solo works got as much attention as her duets with Wagoner did.

Frustration of both Wagoner and Parton grew more when, Parton wasn’t able to find success as a solo musician. However the success followed in shortly after Parton recorded a cover version of Mule Skinner Blues by Jimmie Rodgers. The single peaked at #3 spot on the country chart, and soon after Parton’s single "Joshua" became Dolly Parton’s first number one hit single. Following the release of Joshua, Parton gave a string of hit singles – a streak that went on for two years.

Although Parton found success as a solo musician, but none of her works were as success as her blockbuster hit called Jolene which came out in 1973. The single didn’t only topped the charts in U.S, it also managed to spread the word in UK’s music scene, where it charted on #7 spot. Soon after, Parton sang her last duet with Wagoner and also recorded her last duet album along with Wagoner in 1975. After finding success as a country musician, Parton then decided to embark on a crossover to a bit more mainstream pop music. So in 1977, Parton released her first self produced pop album titled "New Harvest … First Gathering". Although it received positive reception, it still wasn’t able to catch as much attention as Parton had hoped for. After having hard luck as a pop single, Parton jumped back to her roots of country musician, and has been recording country music ever since 1987.

In addition to her record material, Parton’s live performances are also highly anticipated by her fans. So in order to please her fans, she has planned to embark on a concert tour on which she’ll be performing in various venues and cities. And with our Dolly Parton Tickets in your hands, you can surely expect a top-of-the-line live country music.

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