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Doodlebops is a Canadian musical band. Basically it’s a Kids band. In 2004 Cookie has produced the series. The stars of the series are Lennox as Deedee Doodle, McNamara as Rooney Doodle, and Wexler as Moe Doodle. These members of this band have many fans. Doodlebops persons of the group wear heavy make up to look like cartoons. The show is a combination of skits and humorous activities and this has a lesson for kids.

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Deedee is the female of the band like to play keyboard, Moe plays drums and Rooney plays the guitar. Other members on the show Doodlebops are Kim Roberts, Mazz, Jackie Richardson, puppeteers Ron Stefaniuk and Jason Hopley,

In all the episodes of Doodlebops they reuse some steps. These are 3-4 minutes steps of the show. These steps they have shoted once and used in all the 26 episodes.

These sequences involve the following:

•In every episode, Deedee and Rooney enter their Clubhouse whereas Moe is nowhere to be found.

•The Doodlebopls manager enters the clubhouse always singing scat and goes with his sentence "See you later, Alligator".


•When the Clubhouse scene ends, a whistle signals a rope to drop down from the ceiling towards Moe. Moe pulls it hard, always getting soaked with water. "Don't Pull the Rope" this sentence has become very popular in the show. There is also a website using with this dialogue that is for the doodlebops fans

•In every show, a huge screen is brought down plus a video is played

The Doodlebops have done some tours for promotions in 2005, and did a sixteen city concert tour in Canada.

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