Dropkick Murphys The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Tickets

Spend your time the Boston-way this fall, as Dropkick Murphys & the Mighty Mighty Bosstones get together to give an extra perk for watching Boston Red Sox at the Fenway Park. Watch as two of the most renowned bands join forces to give you a live experience unlike any other.

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Hailing from Quincy Massachusetts, Dropkick Murphys have earned national exposure with a unique taste to their Celtic Punk music. The band was formed back in 1996, and initially gained local exposure thanks to their extensive touring around the region. The group was originally signed to Hellcat Records, an independent record label, but they parted ways from it after releasing their 2005’s release "The Warriors Code". One of their songs from this album titled I ’m Shipping Up to Boston , was also featured as a sound track of the movie "The Departed". After leaving Hellcat Records, Dropkick Murphys then signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2007.

The band came into existence back in 1996 and soon after they started touring in and around Boston. The following year they hit a major milestone when they got a chance to open for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. After that they released their debut studio album Do or Die on Hellcat Records. With some changes in its lineup their follow up album hit the market in 1999 and it was titled The Gang’s All Here . As the time progressed, the band’s overall sound progressed a lot and it became more mature. Dropkick Murphys remained signed to Hellcat Records until 2005 when they released The Warriors Code . After that, the group scored a deal with a major record label, Warner Bros. Records. After signing up with Warner Bros. Records The band has released two albums so far that are The Meanest of Times and Going Out In Style in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Both of these albums managed to chart in Billboard Top 20, with the latter one peaking at #6 spot on the Albums Chart.

Now to add Ska Punk flavor to the concert, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones will be there to take the stage. The band saw its formation in 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts with Dicky Barrett as Lead Vocalist, Joe Gittleman as Bassist, Tim ‘Johnny Vegas’ Burton as Tenor Saxophonist and Ben Carr. But over the years, the lineup of the band has seen additions of Lawrence Katz as Guitarist, Joe Sirois as the Drummer, Chris Rhodes as Trombonist and Kevin Linear as Saxophonist. Apart from being accredited as the creators of the Ska-Core genre, The Bosstones are also known as one of the creators of the Ska Punk genre. In their own version of Ska which they called Ska-core, the band fuses the elements of ska music with the influences taken from the genres like hardcore, and punk rock.

The band made its studio debut with the release of Devil’s Night Out in 1989. With the success that followed shortly after, the Bosstones capitalized on it, and toured extensively throughout the next decade. With their work in the Ska genre, they are known for popularizing the genre as one of the mainstream genres of today. In fact their music also played a vital role in rejuvenation of third wave ska music scene in United States. The band went up to the peak of their commercial success with the albums like Let’s Face It , when earned the platinum status after spawning hits like " The Impression That I Get ". In 2003, the band announced that they will be going on a hiatus. Before going on a break, the Bosstones had already released three EPs, seven studio albums along with a live album.

The band got back together in 2007, and started touring and recording once again. After releasing their most recent studio album, the band is all ready to perform once again with Dropkick Murphys this year. So get your Dropkick Murphys & the Mighty Mighty Bosstones tickets before they’re all gone.

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