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Edgefest is a rock music concert which takes place on an annual basis on outdoor locations and concentrates basically on rock music from Canada. The inaugural performance of the event was carried out in 1987. The first ever performance of Edgefest took place as a birthday event for two radio stations – 102.1 The Edge and Toronto Radio – and it took place on Canada Day. Since its first performance, the Edgefest has become a yearly ritual for all rock music fans out there. People fly in from various parts of the world to participate in the festival. Fans can book their Edgefest tickets right now and save themselves a place in the event at the earliest.

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Edgefest has become Canada’s longest running musical show concentrating on rock music specifically. It has been going on for more than two decades now and has the record of bringing above 300 bands and some 500,000 plus attendee to the performances. The show takes place traditionally in the same location. Since its inauguration the performance has changed four locations only. These include the Ontario Place, Molson Park, Molson Amphitheatre, and Downsview Park. For quite a number of years now the festival is being carried out in Downsview Park.
At the time of the launch of Edgefest, the lineup of performances comprised of a foreign band, The Saints, and other local rock bands such as Teenage Head, The Pursuit of Happiness, and Blue Rodeo. With an amazing lineup like this, gathering the crowd was no problem at all and much to the expectations of the management, the crowd was way more enthusiastic, energetic, and a lot more in number. Carrying out such a huge festival for the first time, the management had some issues deciding on the location of the performance but after quite a few efforts, the location of Molson Park was finalized, which also proved to be a wise choice incorporating the huge number of people showing up for the festival. Edgefest performance for the year was planned as a one-time attempt only; however, with the concluding fireworks of the festival, the authorities were already thinking of carrying it out on a regular basis.
The festival was officially called the Edgefest for the first time in 1993 when the organizers had to change their venue as the Molson Park owners needed the space for some personal reasons. The festival was taken to Ontario Place and for the first time in the history of Edgefest the performances were to expand to two days other than fitting in all bands in one day. The same year, Canada was also going to see Radiohead perform in their country for the first time ever. Second day of the festival was totally booked for Radiohead whereas other local bands were scheduled to perform on the first day. These bands included Rheostatics, The Watchmen, and The Odds.
Edgefest had to move out of performing at the Ontario Place in 1995. There were only two performances conducted in Ontario Place (1993 and 1994), both of which were more than one day performances and included international celebrities performing at the festival. However, the organizers of the Edgefest had to move out once again as Ontario Place was closing down for reconstruction. But this time around, the organizers were pre-informed and they had made plans for the next year accordingly. Edgefest for 1995 was going to take place in Molson Amphitheatre. The tradition of calling international rock music celebrities at Edgefest continued there on and is taking place until now. The number of days of performances has also increased as the festival gained popularity not only within Canada but also abroad. The amazing lineup of musicians and the outstanding arrangements for the festival attracts quite a few international fans. Here is your chance to book Edgefest tickets as soon as possible to avoid long queues and inconvenience at the last minute.

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