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Erykah Badu is a funk, jazz and hip hop singer, a record producer, actress, songwriter and activist belonging to Dallas, Texas. She is also an instrumentalist and can play drum, guitar and keyboard. Erykah’s career into the show business started off at a very early age. She used to go to Dallas Theatre Center to sing and dance with her mother at the age of four. Her real name is Erica Abi Wright, but she changed Erica to Erykah because according to her the spellings reflect more of her inner self. As for Badu, it comes from her adored jazz scat. To catch her performance along with famous Eddie Griffin, make sure you book your Erykah Badu Eddie Griffin tickets with us soon!

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Erykah Badu’s music has always presented a deeper meaning than ordinary R&B music. Her music is focused on more of contemporary style and mixes the genres of hip hop and soul. Her philosophy on life reflects in her music and she mainly features topics of Islamic Nation, African ideologies and Egyptian beliefs in her songs. Till the date, Badu has released five studio albums and one live album. She is an icon and is known as "Queen of Neo-Soul" and "First Lady of Neo Soul". She is also the winner of numerous Grammy Awards. Together with Eddie Griffin, she often goes out for live performances for fund raising purposes, Erykah Badu Eddie Griffin have become a popular act.
Eddie Griffin is a comedian and actor belonging to Kansas City, Missouri. Known commonly as the "funnyman" Eddie Griffin, he started off his career as a comedian but somewhere along the way took the role as an actor as well. From his childhood, he was known for his witty jokes and acts, for three continuous years he was named as the "class clown" at the school. He had a passion for dancing as well, and by the time he was six, he had his own dancing studio. He started off by choreographing the half time acts of Kansas City Chiefs matches.

Eddie Griffin’s career as a comedian started off with a dare. One night, his cousin dared him to go and perform at a local comedy club named "Sanford and Sons". Griffin was supposed to perform on stage for the very first time for three minutes, but the act continued for forty-five minutes. After his shocking success, he decided to pursue a career as a standup comedian. Not wasting more time, he got a ticket to Los Angeles and flew away to follow his dreams. Griffin has appeared in a number of shows such as Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam. Griffin has appeared in a number of films and television shows. He is widely known for his show Malcolm and Eddie, which ran from 1996 to 2000. Other famous appearances include Eddie Griffin Going for Broke, The Year without a Santa Claus and Chappelle’s Show. Together with the diva Badu, he appears in a number of live performances on sold out Erykah Badu Eddie Griffin live performance shows.
Erykah Badu Eddie Griffin shows are famous internationally. Their continuous "Laugh & Love" tours are anticipated by their fans. Both of these names have made a mark in their respective fields, and with Erykah’s singing and Eddie’s comedy performance, there can’t be a better one evening treat. The show includes fun, music and a lot of laughter. If you want to spend a heartwarming evening with your friends or family, then this show is definitely for you. The show usually starts off with Eddie’s performance and then continues with Erykah’s songs and thus the show unfolds. So if you wish to be there to have fun, make sure you book your Erykah Badu Eddie Griffin tickets from us right away!

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