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With so many unique genres of music, it is pretty hard to find a niche for yourself in the music industry these days. Many artists have come and gone that think that their brand of music would be a hit or reshape the music industry. Only a few have succeeded. While the basic rules of music have been set, new artists are always trying to see how far they can stretch these rules and play with the music until it becomes their own creation. One band that has created the genre of gothic rock is the popular band Evanescence. The band has just released their critically praised third album titled ‘Evanescence’ and is planning to tour the world soon. This is why getting your Evanescence tickets now is the right time!

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Evanescence was formed by lead singer Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody when they met at camp and he heard her play some songs on the piano. As Amy Lee is a classically trained pianist, Moody was greatly impressed and the couple duo writing songs together. The first four songs that the band released were co-written by them and they started making copies of their EPs to distribute at concerts. The band slowly became pretty popular in Little Rock where they would distribute their EPs to fans that attended their concerts. The growing popularity of the band led to their first major record deal with Wind-up Records. The main reason for their growth of popularity was the fact that the band’s singles got some radio play in their city. They released a total of 3 EPs before in the late 1990’s before making their major label debut in 2003 with their debut studio album ‘Fallen’.

‘Fallen’ was a record breaking success for Evanescence. The album hit the top of the US music charts and spent a total of 43 weeks on the charts, making it one of the few albums to have spent almost a year on the music charts. It also spawned hit singles like ‘My Immortal’ and ‘Bring me to Life’ that were featured in a number of WWE events and also the soundtrack for the film Daredevil. The album went seven times platinum and was a major success for the band that established them as a leading rock band in the US. They even won two Grammy Awards for the album and were nominated for two more. The album also charted a number of other singles.

The great success of the band’s debut album ended up being too much pressure and Ben Moody soon left the band after the release of the debut album. His space was filled up my other musicians and the band was completed by bringing in friends of Amy and Ben. Evanescence then released a live album which was also critically and commercially successful before releasing their third album in 2006 which was named The Open Door and was led by the single ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’. This was the second consecutive number one album for Evanescence and was a platinum seller too.

Evanescence has just released their much awaited third album which is called ‘Evanescence’. The album made many lists by publications such as Rolling Stone which featured it as one of their most awaited albums of the year. It was released to much critical acclaim and as with their previous albums; Evanescence has announced a world tour to accompany the release of the album. The previous tour by Evanescence was sold out in arenas all over the globe so we can expect this tour to be as successful as the last one. That said, Evanescence tickets will be very hard to get by so if you want to catch this rock phenomenon live, you better order your Evanescence tickets right now!

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